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Bust Ghost bites Dust: Onyx2 eclipsed by Icon Bay

Anyone who’s tracked Miami’s development long enough knows that fancy renderings need be taken with a grain of salt. Onyx 2, sister of BAP designed Onyx (completed), never disturbed the ground.

Now, the Related Group intends on developing Icon Bay on the same site. To think that people were counting out Mr. Perez, back in 2008. Funny. Continue reading


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Relics of the Bust

The Filling Station lofts under construction in 2007 (left) and an advertisement illustrating ceiling heights, around the same time (right)

During the height of the boom, anything seemed possible. Neighborhoods that were completely derelict and unstable were touted as the next trendy place to “live, work, and play”. As the wishful thinking of developers and buyers crashed, the bust showed that the less mature (stable) areas were not ready to shake off the stigma of their former years.  Continue reading

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Rethinking Brickell’s Interior (west side)

Image: (from left to right) Infinity, Axis, and Vue on South Miami Avenue

Envisioning Brickell During the Boom

Since the inception of the surge in construction activity that later became known as the boom, I have envisioned how the skyline would transform. As activity picked up, so many projects were being announced that I found it increasingly challenging to remember them all off the top of my head. Still, I would look at the skyline and consider the height and design of those projects that were anticipated to fill in the sky. Now that the boom has dissipated, it has become clear that many projects that were announced may never come to exist. Several examples of this can be readily found on South Miami Avenue. Let’s see what I mean on a map:


  1. Brickell CitiCentre
  2. Premiere Towers
  3. Beacon (it’s not officially scrapped, so let’s call it dormant)
  4. Brickell Flatiron
  5. Pointe at Brickell
  • A total of eight towers in five separate projects

Image: The site of Flatiron up for sale

Rethinking the Vision After the Boom

The section of South Miami Avenue between 12th and 7th street is filled with examples of what could have been. Even Mary Brickell Village, which is beginning to fill with tenants, had a tower component planned that has not, and may never, come to fruition. It’s not clear what has happened. The area has excellent access to rail, is relatively stable, runs parallel to Brickell Avenue, is near the bay and Miami River, and has a robust restaurant scene. For all intensive purposes, it’s excellently situated. However, one project after another was scrapped.

Image: The site for Pointe at Brickell up for sale

Brickell Village’s interior (west side) has and is still seeing major construction activity with Avenue, Axis, Brickell Station Lofts, Infinity, Capital at Brickell, 1450 Brickell, BOR I and II, Brickell Financial Center, 500 Brickell, Latitude I and II, Neo Vertika, One Broadway, and Vue. The area is a success story despite the presence of so many scrapped projects. Proposals and approvals don’t mean anything until the ground is disturbed and the cranes and workers take the project vertical. Today, reality has set in, and there is a much clearer understanding of how Brickell Village is transforming. The future remains impressive

Image: The site of Premiere Towers up for sale


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Scrapped: Brickell CitiCentre

The BCC site, which is bisected by South Miami Avenue, is up for sale. The land owner, Kevin Reilly, was supposedly affiliated with NY-based Millenium Partners–builders of the Four Seasons–, but the project gained little momentum. This would have been amazing to see come to fruition, but now it’s a pipe dream it seems.

Image: West lot (above)

Image: East lot (above)


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Scrapped: 1390 Brickell Bay

I remember walking into the sales center of 1390 Brickell Bay and thinking that the model kitchen looked like it belonged in a space station during the 1970’s (do space stations even have kitchens?). The sales rep barely spoke English, and the unimpressively laid out units were being sold as time shares. I was in and out in 5 wasteful minutes.

1390 Brickell Bay fizzled because it was a bad idea. The site is boxed in. The design and lifestyle concept wasn’t fresh enough to compensate. Timeshares don’t sell well here. The interior design element seemed to target cosmonauts, and the developer had zero experience. This project fizzled before the downturn. Why? Crap gets scrapped.


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Scrapped: Lynx

Image: Site of the canceled Lynx project

Although it’s old news, every time I pass by this property I think of what could have been. Chad Oppenheim would have been proud. The CBD would have been bolstered. Instead, we have a parking lot. Damn shame.


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