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South, North, and West River Districts are covered.

Snaphot of Development on the River

Image: View of the Miami River from the rear of the Miami River Club Townhouse Community

Miami River area development is challenging to track and this post is definitely not my attempt to do so but a brief prelude to an incoming River profile. I recently stumbled upon an interesting section of the River that caught my attention. It’s where the river splits in two. In the south side of the split, there is an old townhouse development called the River Club.

Image: Rear side of River club (left) and the abandoned pool (right). These are inexpensive town house units facing the River.

This charming river side community is livable but deteriorated. There seems to be little hope of it changing. The pool is dried up and graffiti splattered. There is nothing in the way of landscaping or pleasant amenities. However, it sits right on the river fork, is a short walk away from a beautiful riverfront park, and has new construction is surrounding it (Terrazas River Park Condo and River Oaks Condo). Let’s take a look.

Image: The river club is outlined in red. Terrazas on the River (right) is highlighted in dark blue and River Oaks Condo (left) is highlighted in light blue. Both are new construction residential high rise developments. Sewell Park is clearly visible as well.

The River Club is symbolic of under appreciation along the Miami River. I haven’t factored in the full scope of new construction in the area and therefore cannot present a comprehensive picture. Look forward to that soon.

Image: rendering of Terrazas Park Condo

Image: Rendering of River Oaks Condo and Marina


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Cleared. Barely.

Here we have a cargo ship routinely passing under the Metro-mover bridge. While waiting for the ship to pass, I couldn’t help but notice that it barely cleared the bridge–by like 10 feet or so. I know the river dredging project is going to allow cargo ship capacity to increase, but definitely not the size of the ships. This one just barely made it through.


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