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Sneek Peak: Lofts at Mayfair (Part II)

I recently took at tour of the Lofts at Mayfair while construction was still in progress. The halls were more like dark corridors, the pool like a cloudy puddle, and there was dust everywhere. Today, I returned to see a spectacular loft development near completion.

Here is a glimpse of today’s tour:

Image: Lobby (sofa still wrapped in plastic)

Images: Pool during construction (left) and after (Right)

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Sneak Peek: The Lofts at Mayfair

Here are some images from my tour of the Lofts at Mayfair. The project is located directly across from the Mayfair Hotel in the heart of Coconut Grove.

The complex is seperated into two buildings connected with an elevated bridge.

Most of the units are 1 1/2 lofts. Some feature split level lofts with spiral staircases.

The interior halls are almost finished. The work is on schedule. The ceiling heights are impressively high.

The above image is of an unfinished penthouse unit. The penthouse units all come with split levels plus a rooftop terrace with panoramic views.

Above is a penthouse rooftop terrace.

Above: The courtyard, still under construction is more impressive and ample than meets the eye is small but quaint with a uniquely designed pool.

View of Downtown Miami from the penthouse rooftop terraces

Overall, this project is excellently situated, is being constructed on time, and the ammenities are above average. The design is impressive and versatile (combining sharp lines with curves), the floorplans are smartly designed, and the views are surprisingly good. There are only a handful of units left. Closings begin in Mid-March.

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