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This weblog was primarily written from 2005 to 2008. It was devoted to the observation and study of Miami’s urban landscape and society and has been produced by Javier Zayas-Bazan. It is a snapshot of Miami’s history of urbanism during one its most significant periods of activity. For current information, check out Curbed Miami and ExMiami. 

If you quote from BOB, be a good sport and cite it as your source. The comments on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. The author hereby disclaims any responsibility for comments made by users of this blog.

7 responses to “About BoB

  1. Gustavo

    Hope it’s a Video Podcast!!! Can’t Wait

  2. thanks for the cross link!


  3. John from Miami

    I just stumbled across this site. I’ve been looking for a site such as this one for a long time and now I found it !!! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for those podcast.

  4. i stumble up on this site any chicks here Lol! just kidding but i would like to know how i can get my art into a few locations in miami – looking for you guys to get to know me and my art and see where it takes us contact me and let become friends

    world wide

  5. i have one more thing to say – i graduated from international fine arts college on 1700 N.bayshore drive and i use to have to walk thru there while all the prostitues and all that junk was going on and i was one of the first to open an art gallery on 23 and biscayne blvd i was even featured on channel magazine that use to be in the design district but no loger is my gallery was called” uragami fine arts” now a storage place and back then i new it was heade in that direction thats why i got the place but i was still in college and it wasnt eazy i even got MARK SOYKA to look at my gallery and told me” kid you got all the right ingredients now you just have to let time take its course” i have a good thing going iggy world wide

  6. jose

    What’s up BoB? hey i have to do alot of analysis at my job in regards to investing in different condos. We might be going to the bidding on Platinum condos. If you find some time please call me. I need your insight. Thanks again Javier.