Radar Blip: Simpson Park Triangle Activity

This isolated corner of Brickell is tucked behind Simpson Park, hemmed in by the metro rail line to the east and the I-95 to the west, and is accessible by three roads.

I first noticed it in 2006 when several buildings started to go vertical. Prior to 2006, the area was completely off the development radar.  I called it Simpson Park Triangle, for lack of a better name. It’s emergence was one of the boom’s most interesting but little known surprises—representing the most far reaching example of Brickell westward infill to date. Designated T6-8 (urban core; 8 floors), the hood is designated for mid-rise development.

Miami 21 Atlas shows the Simpson Park Triangle

The bust halted activity, but several buildings topped off: Brickell View West, Brickell Roads Atrium, Melo Tower, and Habitat I.

Now, the area is seeing activity reemerge as the developers behind Habitat I are busy building what appears to be Habitat II (though I wouldn’t rule out re-branding). The parcel, located at SW 2nd Avenue and 17th Road, was acquired in 2005. Construction is moving along briskly and represents a small but interesting blip on the development radar.



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2 responses to “Radar Blip: Simpson Park Triangle Activity

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  2. A gem in downtown Miami. One of my favorite spots for a mid-week lunch chill.

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