Made in Hialeah

One Stop Shop Hood

Whatever you’re looking for, Miami’s manufacturing hub has it or there is a mad scientist (“viejo loco”) in some obscure workshop that will make it for you. Here, little is wasted. Just about everything is put to good use.

Before delving into this quirky neighborhood so many proud folks call home, let’s consider the lay of the land.


“La Cuidad que Progresa” (The City of Progress) is located smack in the middle of Miami-Dade County. Florida’s sixth most populous city, it is a focal point of incoming, mainly Hispanic, immigrants looking for a foothold in a new land.

The Hialeah street grid is different from the rest of the County—divided in East and West spheres by Palm Avenue. As a result, the directional orientation all others in the county take for granted disappears. For example, NW 103rd Street is West 49th Street. Le Jeune Road, aka 42nd Avenue, becomes East 8th Avenue.

Lifelong Miamians tend to lose their  bearings in Hialeah. And, if you ask a Hialeah native why their grid is so strange, they’ll tell you it isn’t, explain the street logic in 15 seconds or less, and tell you that theirs is simpler than most others, particularly neighboring Miami Springs with its bird and Indian named streets.

The industrial swaths of Hialeah are represented in Yellow.

Unguided Tour

That said, Hialeah’s people are enterprising and resourceful and their expansive industrial sector is a direct reflection. Let’s roll through:

Build a Rocket

If you need to buy a motor, turbine, rebuild a gearbox, calibrate it, manufacture a custom part, or whatever, go to Hialeah. Tell them to build you a rocket engine, and they’ll get right to work.

Home Depot City

Maybe a rocket isn’t what you have in mind. Instead, you need to set up the electrical infrastructure of an entire building. Well, there are electrical panels, transformers, breakers, and thousands of feet of electrical wire at Manhattan Electric or Sobyco and several other electrical supply stores.

Your building may need hundreds of feet of pvc pipes, copper lines and fittings,  toilets and urinals, sinks and fixtures. There are plenty of plumbing supply shops—Westland Plumbing and Duru among them.

Oh, and those pesky little nuts, bolts, and screws. There isn’t a God forsaken one under the sun that can’t be fount at Interstate Screw Corp.

Build a House

From Concrete and drywall, to stucco, and aluminum framing, ANY building material can be found in Hialeah. Options abound. There are A/C parts, compressor units, handlers, blower fans, fan motors, heaters, water heaters, and just about any possible HVAC system available. Even cooling tower fiberglass panels can be custom made and fitted to your tower rooftop.

You can custom fab gates, fences, doors, sliding glass, acquire mirrors, and impact windows without leaving Hialeah’s EAST WEST axis.

Snack Break

And tasty treats, too, are manufactured enmasse. Pork rinds, those scrumptious crunchy little morsels of fried pork-fat, are shipped all over the country by Mesa Meat Processors. Rico’s sends its sugar puff swirls called “merenguitos” across our great land. And of course, there are Cuban crackers made by Gilda. Those delightful snacks are scarfed down worldwide.

Hialeah produces everything. There are cement plants, sensational Spanish media production studios, rebar factories, linen shops, millworks, welding workshops, glassworks, and just about anything else you can think of. Except Nanotechnology, which I facetiously labeled in an image above. Hialeah is not dabbling in that just yet.


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2 responses to “Made in Hialeah

  1. Aida Minet

    IN 1977 I STARTED A BUSS IN DOG TOWN HIALEAH BEHIND THE HORSE TRACK, border by 2 ave to west 4 ave and 23 to 28 st. It had been the only place since early 1920 THAT ALL THIS FAMOUS KENNELS FOR BOARDING , greyhound, and guard dogs like mine buss, we were there from petty criminals to Mariel , Colombian drug dealers. IT WAS ALWAYS A GREAT PLACE UNTIL THE LUNCHEROS SHOWED UP. DOG TOWN HIALEAH USA LONG BEFORE US CUBANS BUILT A WORLD CLASS CITY IN A VERY SHORT TIME.

  2. John | Hialeah has a ton of pleacs to eat, but most tend to be local mom and pop type pleacs. You are sure to find a Cuban place on just about every corner, and then there is a Graziano’s (of Coral Gables fame) on the SE corner of W 16th Ave and 68th St, there is also a fantastic Spanish place just west of the of the Palmetto’s NW 122nd St exit called Taverna de Ignacio. There are also a bunch of great Salvadorian, Peruvian, Columbian and Nicaraguan pleacs sprinkled around the city. I worked in Hialeah from 2005 to early this year and can say I miss some of the food no that I don’t head out that way as much. Next time, check some of these local gems out. Also, Hialeah has some great Chinese pleacs, believe it or not, some people are taken aback the first time a Chinese person asks to take your order in fluent Spanish.

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