Bust Ghost bites Dust: Onyx2 eclipsed by Icon Bay

Anyone who’s tracked Miami’s development long enough knows that fancy renderings need be taken with a grain of salt. Onyx 2, sister of BAP designed Onyx (completed), never disturbed the ground.

Now, the Related Group intends on developing Icon Bay on the same site. To think that people were counting out Mr. Perez, back in 2008. Funny.

Despite the Related Group’s multi-project approach, their plans have a higher completion-rate than most. The Related Group’s portfolio is strong in South Beach, Sunny Isles, Brickell, and the CBD. Icon Bay is their first endeavor Uptown.

Developers Fernando Leyva-Hara and Stephen Geitl of Mckafka Development Group are sitting pretty on 24,700 square feet on the south side of the inlet and plan on adding Crimson Tower to the fold.


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2 responses to “Bust Ghost bites Dust: Onyx2 eclipsed by Icon Bay

  1. Kyle

    I love your posts. One suggestion, this area is called Edgewater, not Uptown.

  2. BoB

    Thanks Kyle! As far as Icon Bay, Edgewater is right. I consider Uptown to be everything north of I395 south of I195 and east of I95. I suspect Related will not be limited to Edgewater since they have the tendency to infill–westward; as they did with their Loft brand in the CBD and are doing with MyBrickell south of the River. When I say Uptown, I’m thinking Big Picture.

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