Funkytown: MiMo (Biscayne) Boulevard

MiMo What?

Miami Modernism (MiMo) is an architectural style that took shape in the mid-twentieth century. It’s the prevailing form of architecture in the behemoth hotels of Mid (Miami) Beach along Collins Avenue from 41st north–Fontainebleau and Eden Roc among them.


On Biscayne Boulevard, north of the Design District where Morningside begins, there’s a stretch of MiMo motels that represent one of the City of Miami’s only adaptive re-use districts. Touted the Biscayne Boulevard Historic District. Here, motels are ripe for conversion into any retail use under the sun. I’ve had my eye on this quirky urban stretch for some time. Let’s take a look:

The Vagabond Motel was one of the area’s first forays into adaptive re-use. It failed. That’s not to say that idea was bad. When it was open, Biscayne Blvd went under construction and it dragged and dragged and dragged Transit Shop into shit.

UVA69 (now simply known as Uvas) has proven to be resilient. This self-described Barcelonan bistro has garnered a loyal following. It’s an adaptive re-use success story—motel/apt complex turned restaurant. and, the trend is growing.

There’s a new player on the block, Daniel Serfer; chef and owner of Blue Collar—occupying a portion of the Biscayne Inn. I’ll be swinging by soon. Think I’ll give their T-bone steak a shot.

Clockwise from upper left (in streets): 73rd, 67th, 61st, 73rd—and Biscayne Boulevard

The Shalimar Motel was somewhat restored and has well-situated restaurant frontage available for lease.

The MiMo trappings of this hood make for some fresh retail possibilities. Already the area’s got a generous selection of good eats. Here are just a few:



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4 responses to “Funkytown: MiMo (Biscayne) Boulevard

  1. Maria

    I think there are many other good eats besides Dogma. Mimo is a one of my favorite parts of Miami but I think it still has a long way to go…

  2. Frank

    I think that without higher building heights the amount of money that can be invested in the area.

  3. Peter Paul Fuchs

    Still, nothing beats the old “Salvatore’s Pizza”, which used to be next to where the Food Spot store was on Biscayne when I was kid, which is still some of the very best pizza I had in my life — anywhere, really!. Also, by the way, in about 1987 there was an earlier attempt in that Vagabond site, with a gay-themed restaurant, which I went to a few times on visits back in town.
    I went to Dogma a few times, but kept on seeing people from my highschool. Deja vu on a bun.

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