H&M Progress and Forever 21 Goes Big on Lincoln Road

Past glory (left). Present plight (right).

Recently, I saw a line stretch around a block to get into the H&M preview store (first such store I’d ever seen).  The actual store will occupy the historic Lincoln Theatre. I figured this must be good so I passed by to see the progress and found the theatre to be colorless. The sign was missing. I thought: was I in the right place? As my stupification dissipated, outrage ensued. Then I realized it’s probably primer and they’re refurbishing the sign.  So, all is good, for now.

On a separate but related note, Forever 21, the Los Angeles-based retailer, is opening the largest store on Lincoln Road at the 701 building. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:

701Lincoln Road frontage (left) rear (right)

Back in 2010, Comras reportedly paid $17mm for the building so this has been in the works for some time. This adaptive re-use trend of completely converting historic buildings to retail use is prevalent along Collins Avenue, from 10th to 5th street, but with the coming of H&M and Forever 21, is going BIG on Lincoln Road.

Left image of Lincoln Theatre via: Canmom – flickr



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6 responses to “H&M Progress and Forever 21 Goes Big on Lincoln Road

  1. Anonymous

    I hope that the historic area of South Beach does not continue with big box because imagine a Target or Walmart “SOBE”???

      • Great article, Michelle! I love the Bible story of Moses that you mentnoied. And I think it’s wonderful that you get to share about your faith in the paper. Our paper got rid of the Faith and Values section that it used to have. It’s really too bad.

  2. BoB

    that would be an abomination. I could see big box stores in destination-retail facilities like 5th and Alton, Midtown Mia, etc. H&M and 4ever21 might be big they aren’t big box so I don’t see any indication of that happening on Lincoln road.

    • What can it be about studying thngis through somebody else’s view point that presents such an incredible perspective? I’m very appreciative of the blog’s innovation and also how it’s changed the internet in to a substantial variety of distributed ideas. I actually appeared here via Bing when I was first doing a bit of research for a bit of course work which I’ve got. Glad that I stayed around to read a bit and I most certainly will make sure to add this site to my RSS reader so i can read the stuff you write down the road. Cheers!

  3. Ana

    I won’t ever have to leave the beach. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

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