Relics of the Bust

The Filling Station lofts under construction in 2007 (left) and an advertisement illustrating ceiling heights, around the same time (right)

During the height of the boom, anything seemed possible. Neighborhoods that were completely derelict and unstable were touted as the next trendy place to “live, work, and play”. As the wishful thinking of developers and buyers crashed, the bust showed that the less mature (stable) areas were not ready to shake off the stigma of their former years. 

The Filling Station lofts in 2012

Logik, a Class A office development planned for just north of the CBD in the Overtown area, and Filling Station Lofts, in South Wynwood, are examples. Even the City’s lustrous urban neighborhoods encountered the limits of their expansion, as in South Beach’s Vitri and the Capital at Brickell.

The Vitri site as it looked in 2007

As confidence waned due to the financial crisis, the coffers dried up and the cranes retreated. Most of the planned projects never even disturbed the ground, but the vestiges of those that did and failed to top off, remain as graffiti-splattered reminders of the bust.

The Vitri site 2012

With the advent of a new wave of construction and hope on the horizon, these relics still stand in stark contrast.

Logik, the Class A Office development as it was envisioned for Overtown (left) the 2012 reality (right)

The planned development of Brickell House on the site of the failed 1390 Brickell Bay helps me retain the hope that I might just follow up this post with another, when these sites are finally topped off.

Capital at Brickell as it looked when the site was active in 2007 (left) the abandoned site in 2012 (right)

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