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Art Pact in Brickell

Recently, several colleagues and I decided to form Patrons of Art in the City Trust (PACT) with the purpose of enhancing the culture of art patronage in the City. In this Sunday’s El Nuevo Herald, Ana Remos wrote a column regarding our initiative as one that could alter the city scape of Brickell.

Local artist Rafael Consuegra’s work

The Artist

Miami is home to a panoply of talented artists, many of which are sculptors. I have had the pleasure of developing friendships with a few of the city’s best. Over time, I’ve realized that, despite their renown talents, the life of an artist is tough. Theirs is a burning passion that can find expression commensurate to the resources disposable to them. Unfortunately, resources are often scarce and their best works remain confined to the mind. In some cases, there is a sadder reality, completed monumental stunning works of sculpture that are stored in obscure locations throughout the city–out of public sight and off the radar of public appreciation. The prevailing sentiment is “wait and see”. In what exhibition can they showcase? How can I get this piece the recognition that it deserves? Where am I going to store it next? As such, these real constraints stifle their work and with it, the legacy of our city. Continue reading


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