Urban Pioneer: Tony Goldman

In the urban spectrum, a visionary’s ability to transcend time and place–days, years, even decades–in a few short breaths, while standing on a city block, and visualize city life where scarcely any exists, value in the derelict, motion in the motionless, color in the bleak, culture in the air, is an exceedingly rare talent. To fully express and catalyze that vision, harness the forces of the city, and bring about change that delivers to it a new history, is miraculous, and, the daily occupation of Tony Goldman.

Here’s an urban pioneer who doesn’t just preserve a city’s history, but redefines and breathes new life into it. He stirs, and then jolts, the retail sector—creating viable neighborhood economies and vitality.

His urban influence is broad and deep–from Manhattan’s SoHo Neighborhood, where he renovated 15 historic structures and helped turn what was an emerging fringe art movement set amid 19th century cast iron buildings into a bustling trendy neighborhood that lured top tier retailers, to redevelopment in historic  Center City Philadelphia and the Four Points Channel District in Boston.

He initiated his real estate career in 1976, founding Goldman Properties Company, with one employee. Beginning with brownstone restoration in Manhattan’s Upper Westside, he soon moved his attention to reinvigorating SoHo before spearheading the reinvention of South Beach eleven years later–where he restored and renovated 18 structures.

His Miami portfolio includes:

In Miami, Tony Goldman’s vision laid the foundation for the redevelopment of now emblematic (formerly under-utilized) Ocean Drive, the emergence of the Collins Avenue Shopping District, and the burgeoning Wynwood Area–where he’s turning a formerly derelict neighborhood with stagnant use and bleak facades into, quite literally and unprecedentedly, an internationally renowned open air art gallery—The Wynwood Walls.

His vision for Miami, and all other Goldman-touched cities, will be an indelible and evocative aspect of their legacy. They are greater  because of it.


  1. Tony Goldman is the recipient of many awards including: Crowninshield Award for Historic Preservation, Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence, International Parking Institute – Award of Merit.
  2. His daughter Jessica and son Joey are co-principles.
  3. Tony’s eyes were recently cast upon Detroit—a vision the Motor City might be lucky to see manifest.
  4. When asked, “What would you say to developers who say, ‘I don’t want to deal with that kind of (historic preservation) complexity. I’ll just demolish the whole block and start from scratch.’” He answered, “I think that is an ignorant, greedy bastard who is taking an easy way out, who couldn’t give a damn about community, and who is strictly interested in convenience and the profit margin.” Nuff said.

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2 responses to “Urban Pioneer: Tony Goldman

  1. whatdahek

    Great article. I am a fan of the Goldman Properties and have visited SOHO, Boston and of-course the Miami developments. Mr. Goldman and Principles are gentlemen/Ladies in a shark infested business.

  2. Tony is an amazing individual and we are all very proud of his accomplishments. This year he is also being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce during the 90th Annual Gala scheduled for June 2. Congratulations Tony!

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