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Urban Pioneer: Tony Goldman

In the urban spectrum, a visionary’s ability to transcend time and place–days, years, even decades–in a few short breaths, while standing on a city block, and visualize city life where scarcely any exists, value in the derelict, motion in the motionless, color in the bleak, culture in the air, is an exceedingly rare talent. To fully express and catalyze that vision, harness the forces of the city, and bring about change that delivers to it a new history, is miraculous, and, the daily occupation of Tony Goldman. Continue reading


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Miami’s Retail Feel: Legacy v. Destination

Legacy Stock Retail; H&M in Venice – Photographed January 2012

Sense of Place

Legacy buildings (known as the legacy stock) tend to be historic structures (usually with architectural value) that are preserved and adapted from their original use to a new one, more often than not, retail. As a result, legacy retail is more typically found in older cities and widely seen in Europe and U.S cities such as NYC and Chicago.

Miami’s legacy stock is limited on the mainland but rich on the Beach–where Art Deco architecture is abundant. Back on the mainland, the Dacra-propelled Design District has considerable legacy retail potential. Continue reading

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