Wynwood Urban Art at a Glance


Wynwood is a striking place. In the day, there isn’t much activity, retail, or otherwise. At night, at least on the Second Saturday of every month, the neighborhood transforms. Galleries, often marked by psychedelic building murals, open their doors to a world of art.

Wynwood on Second Saturday nights

The activity of Second Saturday, while taking at place mostly at night, brings a deep art movement to light. Thousands of people converge, from all walks of life, to enjoy art, music, drinks, food, often from an army of lunch trucks, and take it all in. But, it’s only one day out of the month. The absence of a viable daytime economy bogs the area down. Once a month, it’s brilliant, at the pinnacle of Miami’s night scene, a glimpse of its progressive urban future:

Via – apmotionlab

Now, let’s take a daytime glimpse at its urban art.

Any one up for loose a interpretation?

Everywhere you go there’s a mural’s odd figures and expressions capturing your attention.

Hardcore Art and Contemporary Spaces (bottom right corner)

Home to over 50 galleries, Wynwood probably has even more wall murals. This is the hub of an art movement that, anchored by Art Basel or not, is singular and growing–the murals project Wynwood’s vibe:

By Andrew Spear

To be continued…


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