Museum Park (Finally) Disturbing the Ground

Museum Park construction from MacArthur Causeway

For years we’ve been waiting for ground to be disturbed on Bicentennial Park to make way for Museum Park. It finally has, and along with the acquisition of the neighboring Herald land by Genting, will act as a catalyst for development in the Parkwest and Arts and Entertainment District, as the DDA likes to call the area.

Museum Park model by Cooper, Robertson,& Partners

With the Port tunnel project, which I wrote about in 2007, this whole area will be loud with construction activity for years to come. How sweet it is to wake up in the morning and hear the sound of progress.


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4 responses to “Museum Park (Finally) Disturbing the Ground

  1. So….does this mean you’re back at it?


  2. BoB

    More like back in the zone.

  3. eaglemat

    A beautiful building. Great location, too.

  4. Great points, Michelle. I would say this havnig a digital copy is great but I’m old fashioned in fact when I have a written document that’s important I believe in making several copies and scattering them to places all over the house or office! Plus, there are rules of evidence which can be tricky so I’d say, at least for now, keep that original!

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