A New Gym and Three Clowns

The other morning, I stumbled upon the Jose Marti Gymnasium construction site and thought it was a great public amenity for the neighborhood. With this in mind I stopped my car, rolled down the window, and began snapping some shots. Before I could finish, some where in the distance I heard shouts. It seemed to be coming from above me because no one was on the street. I rolled down the window further and heard “Dile a ese come pinga que pare de tirar fotos!…Terrorista!!” (ask a Spanish speaker for the translation). Hearing that compelled me to drive off, but upon doing so I stopped, got off the car and snapped one more picture. I didn’t notice then, but when I got home, I zoomed in and saw what had happened:

Image: Zoomed in image of three clowns

The three enlightened fellows shown above were doing the yelling. With that said, the gymnasium is a great benefit for the community, but it’s price tag is a bit steep at $10.4 million. To think the City gave the construction contract to the company that hired these morons gives me chills though.



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22 responses to “A New Gym and Three Clowns

  1. Allen

    I guess you didn’t know before hand that taking pictures made you a terrorist? I mean, come on, what other possible reason could someone have for taking pictures if not to plot some terrorist activities. I just wish the picture had a little better resolution so we could make out the faces and hopefully someone would recognize these three and tell them they’re idiots.

  2. BoB

    I think these guys spike their coffee. Talk about misplaced aggression.

  3. Kyle

    Seriously, they’re such idiots!

  4. Eddie

    Sh!t, I think that’s my uncle!! 🙂

  5. They must not be getting a whole lot done in there if they spend their time screaming nonsense out the window… lol

  6. I live blocks away from the Jose Marti Gymnasium and wonder when they’ll finally finish this project.

    Will it make the area look nicer? Yes.

    Will it benefit the residents (especially the younger ones) in the area? Yes.

    Is it the best use of $10.4 million? I’m not sure.

    I almost feel sorry for the owners of Finnegan’s on the River. That construction has destroyed their business’s profitability considerably – I am sure.

    Then again, it’s much safer now that I don’t have to share the streets or sidewalks with the “clientele” that they attracted in the wee hours of the morning.

    • There are actually sevreal places to get the Magnum. . , I’m pretty sure you can just take it off one of the cowboys you kill at the start of mission six ( at least i think it’s mission six. . . basically whatever level it is where you start inside this huge warehouse with two cowboy brothers shooting at you)

  7. I suspect these guys got nervous because like most contractors in Miami they are building this project using substandard practices and materials. Only time will tell! I agree with Adrian that it’s probably not the best idea to blow 10 Large on a gymnasium in the current economic environment.

  8. Ahhh, it made me laugh. It kinda loses it’s “charm” in the translation, like Alvarez Guedes.

  9. Fritz

    10 Million Ouch!

  10. Forget it Jake, it’s Little Habana

    …where rumor is news and superstition is fact

    You were lucky somebody didn’t AK-47 your car

    How much ya wanna bet these are the same guys who probably worked on the debacle @ MIA

  11. Miami-based artist, Karla Turcios, shot a few images in the same spot: click here.

  12. talentco

    It’s probably another bloched project by another “ref” contractor, the story of Miami. Anyone have anymore information on this project? i.e. exactly what it is

  13. Sol

    Funny story and its good that you kept taking pictures!
    ” Esos han ver sido unos balseros q piensan q todo es terrorismo!!
    That’s what communism does!

  14. Kevin Maurice

    Typical ignorant racist unaware Cuban of Miami…

  15. Kevin Maurice

    Typical ignorant racist unaware Cubans of Miami…

  16. rafael

    Wow how many adjectives to describe a Cuban Kevin, are you sure you are describing yourself.

  17. Ed Ascano

    The gym is all finished now and I am one of it’s members.
    Already over half of the machines are out of order.
    I started A petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/jose-marti-gym-lack-of-maitenance, I am also tacking the initiative to contact the Parks Director, Jack Kardys at: Kardys@miamidade.gov, maybe you can help.

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