Update on the Empire World Towers

Ladies and Gentlemen check this out–and don’t forget to click the video feature.

[Via the Daily Business Review]


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9 responses to “Update on the Empire World Towers

  1. Ricky

    Hey!! Youre back! Congrats!

    About this article and video, I think this is an awesome building and would put miami more on the map internationally. The only thing is that I dont think this will get built anytime soon. Maybe in 10-20 years at least. Too much product out there right now and not enough demand. Economics 101.

    But the building design looks great!

  2. BoB

    I agree, however, if the developer is persisting then it means that either he is delusional or has a market compatible use-strategy. The plans have been scaled down but are still monumental.

  3. I’d love to be able to pick the brains of the solitary voter against it. Probably full of wisdom. Bigger is not always better.

  4. Armando

    I would like to see this project come to fruition, but I would not like to see it on Biscayne Blvd. If we keep putting all the tallest buildings on Biscayne then it will be a detriment to everything built West of Biscayne in the future and will make the skyline look flat in that area. I think a building of that size should be located a few blocks West and then progressively smaller buildings built in front of it towards the water.

  5. BoB

    I agree with the concept of shallow development that results from building along the eastern fringes, but the rule of thumb is that new development spreads as a tsunami does; from the coast inland. So once the valuable “wet” or water-view parcels are built and sold, then look to see interior infill.

  6. Johnny R

    The buildings look cool but not on Biscayne…

  7. I own the domain miamiempiretowers.com

  8. Brandy

    It wont be as tall as the one bayfront plaza which will be 1049 ft and 100 floors.

  9. victor

    we need something in the middle on downtown, and move the airport to doral before krome avenue so that bigger skyscraper can be build with artistic designs and friendly pedestrian place.

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