Protecting the Urban Development Boundary

The information below was sent to me by Dawn Sheriffs of Urban sprawl strikes again! In 2006, with your help the Hold the Line successfully kept the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) from being moved west into Florida’s Everglades to accommodate sprawling development that would strain Miami-Dade’s already backlogged infrastructure.

Four new pending applications have been filed to open another 178 acres of Miami-Dade to development outside the line. An additional application is expected that seeks to add another 7,000 residential homes to the county’s roads, schools, and utilities increasing both traffic and pollution.

Empty chambers at community council meetings lead to only 1 out of the 4 applications being recommended for denial.

Miami-Dade’s citizens can’t afford to pave wetlands and permit new developments that will draw from our already taxed water supply and jeopardize the Everglades.

We are asking anyone who is able to attend to show up at the Miami-Dade County Commission hearing on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 and show your support!. For those who cannot be there, please visit to complete an “action alert” asking your Commissioner to protect the Urban Development Boundary.


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3 responses to “Protecting the Urban Development Boundary

  1. Oh man, I missed this. I hope you can provide an update. I have been slowly becoming more involved in things such as this. In the Redland, the fight for incorporation (which would pretty much guarantee a buffer between the Everglades and the UDB) continues but it’s a long struggle. As they say, money talks and bs walks. I appreciate what you’re doing to get this out there. I intend to blog about more of the same.

  2. Julie H.

    Ms. Shireffs has done an incredible job of organizing opposition to moving the UDB and she deserves the thanks and appreciation of all Miami-Dade citizens who value their quality of life. Way to go Dawn!!

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