Is Miami Home to the Most Foreign-Born Residents?

Technically, no. That unique distinction is reserved for Sweetwater, FL. Although in Miami-Dade County, City-Data (the source of the list) factors it in as an independent municipality. This is the same for all municipalities within Miami-Dade. In Fact, in the City-Data U.S. Top 100 list of Cities with the Highest Percentage of Foreign Born Residents, the City of Miami ranks fifteenth. Let’s take a look at the top twenty:

  • Sweetwater, Florida (74.9%)
  • Fountainbleau, Florida (73.0%)
  • Hialeah, Florida (72.1%)
  • Hialeah Gardens, Florida (69.9%)
  • Westchester, Florida (69.0%)
  • West Miami, Florida (68.9%)
  • University Park, Florida (66.5%)
  • Chamblee, Georgia (66.1%)
  • Coral Terrace, Florida (66.1%)
  • Tamiami, Florida (65.4%)
  • West New York, New Jersey (65.2%)
  • Langley Park, Maryland (64.5%)
  • Doral, Florida (62.8%)
  • Seven Corners, Virginia (61.2%)
  • Miami, Florida (59.5%)
  • Mecca, California (59.4%)
  • Kendall West, Florida (59.3%)
  • Olympia Heights, Florida (58.9%)
  • Kendale Lakes, Florida (58.8%)
  • Union City, New Jersey (58.7%)
  • Fourteen of the United States’ top twenty cities (pop. 5,000+) with the most foreign-born residents are part of Miami’s metropolitan area. Not only does Miami, as a metropolitan area, top the U.S. list, but dominates it. Actually, Miami tops the world’s list–ahead of Toronto and L.A. Although this isn’t exactly breaking news, seeing how City-Data further breaks down the foreign-born list really highlights Miami-Dade County’s unique demographics.


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