Update on Fisher Island

I received this information from the SEIU regarding the situation with workers at Fisher Island:

“At www.onemiaminow.org –we are soliciting for creative ways to get to Fisher Island’s exclusive shores (and you get a free t-shirt). We are taking anyone who wants to go with us on Saturday to mingle with the super rich who have been squashing the human rights and civil rights of their workers. We are also keeping up a blog of our own at http://fisherislandwatch.blogspot.com where we are going to start listing the ideas people have come up with so far.”


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5 responses to “Update on Fisher Island

  1. Brad

    Is there evidence that the Fisher Island workers’ wages are substantially less than similar jobs across Miami-Dade (housekeeping, landscaping, janitorial)? Or is this situation receiving attention primarliy due to the race gap and extreme class gap between Fisher Island residents/members and the Fisher Island workers? I’d like to see what other workers at local clubs/hotels/resorts earn in comparison to the FIsher Island employees.

    Also, it should be noted that the so-called “discrimination” or “separation” with regard to the ferry service (workers relegated to a separate cabin from the residents/members) applies to all Fisher Island employees, including all the white-collar (management, admin, golf pro shop/tennis club) employees of Fisher Island. So it is inaccurate to label it a white vs. black issue when in fact it is a resident/member vs. employee issue.

    Regardless, this issue is interesting and surely upsets the Fisher Island residents/members and the island’s owning entity, who prefer privacy and seclusion over this…

  2. BoB

    Those are some good points and important questions you bring up Brad. I know that representatives of the SEIU read this so maybe they can address some of these matters.

  3. “At http://www.onemiaminow.org –we are soliciting for creative ways to get to Fisher Island’s exclusive shores “

    Xavier, my suggestion was to enlist the help of Duck Tours custom made “Hydra Terra” vehicles — Quack, Quack.

    I think I’ll go on Saturday and make the swim. I sure hope the water is not too cold.

  4. BoB

    Good idea with the Duck Tours Gus. That’ll stir up a buzz.

    As far as swimming goes, the cold water can be remedied with a wet suit. It’s the rip currents I’d worry about.

  5. Carl

    In every major decision you make, you have to ask yourself “Who is going to benefit from this?” Let me show you who BENEFITS:


    THE SEIU benefits. They have $175,000,000 in assets and 1,000 workers to pay (many making more than 100K/yr).

    The SEIU also has over 3,800 ULP Suites filed against it. (ULP = Unfair Labor Practices – include instances of bad faith bargaining, excessive dues, violence, threats and many other violations.)

    As for this whole “not allowed to walk through cars” thing, if any of you have been on a small ferry, they do pack the cars very close together. I can understand people not wanting their $100,000 cars scratched up by keys and zippers, but I don’t necessarily think that’s the reason for the rule.

    When you park your car on a ferry, many people don’t put on the emergency brake. If you don’t, your car is very likely to rock back and forth with the movement of the boat. In which scenario would a worker be more likely to sue: 1. An expensive car rolled 2” pinning his leg to the car in front of it and bruising his leg; or 2. The employee had to sit in the shade for another 5 minutes waiting for the next boat to come?

    It seems to me that this is purely a safety and liability issue, not a Racist or Discriminating one.

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