The Height Factor

Brickell Village is seeing the most high density development (mainly residential) with over 13,000 units built or under active construction since 2002, but what about the height race? Let’s see what the figures say:

Chart: Each bar represents one of the three primary segments of the urban core. The height of the bar represents the average height (in feet) of projects that have been built since 2002 or are currently under active construction. Brickell has the most projects with 32 factored in, the CBD has a total of 18 projects, and Uptown has 24.

The average height of new development in Brickell Village, according to the Emporis database, is 451 feet. That’s a bit taller than 500 Brickell. Brickell Financial Center, which has undergone construction in phase I, seems the likeliest candidate to take the top position in the entire city with phase II at 903ft. in height. A pick up in office development would likely boost height averages across the board.

The Central Business District’s (CBD) average height for new development is 496ft. or roughly the height of Wind. Many of the tallest in the CBD are concentrated along Parkwest, which until recently didn’t exist in the minds of Miamians. Although Brickell Village still has the tallest building in Miami (Four Seasons), the CBD has the tallest buildings on average–a worthy distinction that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Uptown, with an average building height of 284 feet is evolving into an enclave for loft-style mid-rises. Granted, development along the Bay (Edgewater) has been rather tall, but Biscayne Boulevard projects have remained at around the 200 foot height range, on average. Many of the taller, ambitious projects, are stalled or scrapped.

Below is the list of actual development (mostly residential, since 2002) per neighborhood as used for the chart above (heights are derived from Emporis and are not guaranteed to be exact, nor is the floor range [“est.” means that the height was estimated due to insufficient data]):

Brickell Village

Four Seasons 64 floors 789ft
Infinity I 52 floors 630ft
ICON Brickell South 58 floors 586ft
ICON Brickell North 58 floors 586ft
Viceroy at ICON Brickell 46 floors 465ft.
Plaza on Brickell (I) 56 floors 610ft
Jade Brickell 49 floors 528ft
Avenue II 35 floors 365ft.
Avenue I 47 floors 480ft.
Espirito Santo 36 floors 487ft
Asia 36 floors 483ft
Latitude on the River 44 floors 476ft
Plaza on Brickell (II) 48 floors 525ft
Brickell on the River North 42 floors 482ft
Brickell on the River South 46 floors 423 ft.
500 Brickell (II) 43 floors 426ft
500 Brickell (I) 43 floors 426ft
Vue at Brickell 37 floors 423ft
Axis I 40 floors 418ft
Axis II 40 floors 418ft
Club at Brickell 42 floors 411ft
Carbonell 400 floors 410ft. est.
Avenue 34 floors 400ft
Skyline at Brickell 34 floors 376ft
NeoVertika 35 floors 369ft
Latitude One 23 floors 305ft
The Sail 29 floors 300ft. est.
Emerald at Brickell 27 floors 270ft
Solaris 22 floors 230ft. est.
One Broadway 40 floors 413ft
Brickell Financial Center (II) 40 floors 500ft. est.

Central Business District

Met 1 40 floors 400ft
900 Biscayne 65 floors 712ft
Marquis 63 floors 679ft
Marina Blue 57 floors 615ft
Epic (I) 60 floors 609ft
50 Biscayne 55 floors 554ft
Everglades on the Bay (I) 49 floors 538ft
Everglades on the Bay (II) 49 floors 538ft
10 Museum Park 50 floors 585ft
Ivy 45 floor 512ft.
Mint 55 floor 631 ft.
Wind 41 floors 501ft.
One Miami I 45 floors 480ft
One Miami II 44 floors 460ft
The Loft I 23 floors 274ft
Loft II 35 floors 433ft
U.S. Courthouse 14 floors 200ft. est.
Transit Village 17 floors 220ft. est.


Quantum S. Tower 51 floors 554ft
Opera Tower 56 floors 530ft
Paramount Bay 47 floors 496ft
Quantum North Tower 44 floors 536ft
Blue 36 floors 425ft
1800 Club 40 floors 423ft
Four Midtown 31 floors 350ft
Two Midtown 29 floors 320ft
Biscayne Park 26 floors 277ft
Platinum 22 floors 225ft.
Onyx 28 floors 308ft
Star Lofts 26 floors 280 ft.
Biscayne Tower 21 floors 230ft. est.
Biscayne Plaza 21 floors 240 ft. est.
New Wave 19 floors 239ft
Gallery Art 18 floors 199ft
City 24 15 floors 176ft.
Filling Station 10 floors 179ft
Cynergi 11 floors 180ft. est.
Cite 15 floors 170ft. est.
Pinnacle View 14 floors 140ft. est.
Uptown Lofts 12 floors 130ft. est.
Yorker 10 floors 120ft. estimated
Bay Lofts 9 floors 100ft. est.

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9 responses to “The Height Factor

  1. chandler

    thanks for all of that. it’s info that I find interesting but would never really think to dig up.

  2. mike

    Is it just me or is ten museum park starting to look out of place amongst it’s neighbors being sandwiched between 900 biscayne and marquis (at least 13 stories smaller than both). Why is ten museum park so short? I think it will stand out like a sore thumb after marquis tops off and should be 10 stories or 20% taller than it is!

    900 Biscayne 65 floors 712ft
    Marquis 63 floors 679ft
    10 Museum Park 50 floors 585ft

    • I was also going to say that looks like Sushi Samba I was in Miami last month and stopped by there, too! The weahetr cooperated while I was there and I got in a few runs, so I hope it gets nice for you! Enjoy!

  3. BoB

    Thanks Chandler.The height factor, to me, is paramount.

    Mike, There will be a pronounced height difference between Ten Museum and the others, but at 585ft. the project is still impressive in scale. On another note, has some interesting reviews from Ten Museum Park residents.

  4. mike

    Height? Who cares about height? I want urbanism and activity, something that none of these towers do very well.

  5. BoB

    Urbanism and height aren’t mutually inclusive, so I see your point, but I disagree that none of these towers do urbanism well

  6. Rog

    This New Urbanism is certainly “new” because the key component is multi-culturalism. The open, urban space is where people of differing cultures, ethnicities, income levels and so forth can meet and discuss new ideas, but a lot of these new urbanism projects are just using up — in some cases — tax-payers dollars so that developers can make off like bandits. South Florida is so segregated now that it is sickening. I see more racial integration and understanding in Melbourne, FL than I do here.

  7. This will be a nice residential building. The architecture is beautiful and impressive.

  8. You are? wrong about laying insepxneive garbage over such awesome looking hardwood. That floor is something you cannot mass produce unlike that crappy hardwood floor wannabe stuff that you are recommending.

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