Wake Up, Fisher Island! A Documentary

Via – SEIU Thanks for submitting Tanya!

For more information go to Onemiaminow.org 



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4 responses to “Wake Up, Fisher Island! A Documentary

  1. John from Miami

    I cant believe tjis is happening in our backyard! What a shame

  2. caroline

    Thanks for sharing that. Great documentary! But I am totally shocked by the content, who would have thought, here and now?

  3. alex

    i think the people in the video should have been speaking english if you want to be an american and you want rights in this country you should ty to be american. that goes for the rich and the poor. other than that this is a horrible thing that itt can stilll happen like this.

  4. Gaby Pacheco

    We must fight this injustice! This cannot continue! We must realize that under God’s eyes we are all equal!

    Kudos to my brothers and sisters! Marlenien and Leno you are trully admirable people!

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