Borges + Associates

Borges and Associates brings to mind sharply designed loft developments. Although specializing in many aspects of their field, including urban planning, interior design, and architecture, Borges and Associates’ bread and butter is the loft project. Here is a short list of some of their loft and mid-rise designs:

  • The Lofts at Mayfair
  • District Lofts
  • Loftika
  • 757 Condo
  • Nautica
  • Brickell Townhouses
  • Rosabella Lofts
  • Urbanea

Not known for towering highrises, Borges + Associates is shedding this perceived portfolio deficiency with Infinity I and II. The towering Infinity I is nearing completion and will stand as the firm’s flagship Miami developments.

Rendering: Infinity II

B+A designs are not known for their curves. Oppenheim-like in their tendency to incorporate sharp, straight lines, and cubes, their designs still somehow manage to refrain from predictability. Unfortunately, quite a few of their designs have remained on the drawing boards as Miami’s boom has subsided in favor a slump. The Miami Flatiron–not to be confused with the Brickell Flatiron–was never built. Biscayne Vista was canceled and the Design District Lofts seems to have been scrapped as well.

Despite this inevitable consequence of the bust, B+A has still excelled in Miami and, through their international partnerships (Global Studios and DRU Architectural Consultancy), are engaged in a couple of noteworthy developments overseas:

  • Galaxy Island, Bahrain
  • Dubai Creek Hotel

Rendering: Galaxy Island, Bahrain

B+A’s activities in Bahrain and Dubai add to Miami’s international architectural reach–with firms like Arquitectonica, BAP, and Oppenheim already heavily in the global mix while Fullerton Diaz and RVL are dabbling in it. Not yet considered one of the big players, B+A is on the up-and-up. Their international reach is sure to gain then additional notoriety, and Infinity I and II’s towering ambitious designs raise the bar for the loft-oriented firm. Expect B+A’s star to continue rising.

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