Pondering Parcel B

Map: Parcel B, highlighted in red, is almost in the center of the proposed Baywalk path (blue line) and is even closer to being in the center of the entire Core.

As per the 2004 PPS report, there are several propositions for this excellently situated parcel’s use:

  1. Restaurants such as an outdoor bar and grill
  2. An outdoor market, farmer’s market, or collector’s market
  3. Soccer field
  4. Bait and tackle shop for nearby marinas
  5. Dancing Ballroom
  6. An open area for T.V. events
  7. Science Museum Wildlife facility
  8. Recreational activities pavilion
  9. Bay of Pigs Museum

I like none of them. Whatever goes on Parcel B needs to be alluring to residents, visitors, and tourists. It should boost civic pride, appeal to the public, and be a natural extension of the Baywalk. The Bay of Pigs Museum only appeals to a limited segment of the community and although deserving of a memorial, doesn’t merit parcel B as its location. The other ideas are too plain or trite.

So then, what should go on Parcel B? How about an open air plaza or square? This isn’t a new idea. It’s been circulating for sometime, but remains largely overlooked.

Sure its simple, but before you dismiss it, consider these points:

  • We don’t have a plaza or open square in the whole Core
  • Outdoor sculptures and art can be readily displayed
  • It has good linkage to pedestrians via Biscayne Boulevard, the proposed Baywalk, Bayside Marketplace, American Airlines Arena, and the proposed Museum Park
  • It’s an ideal location for an iconic monument
  • It’d be a great centerpiece for the whole Baywalk and serve as a natural extension of it
  • It wouldn’t block the view of the American Airlines Arena
  • Urban plazas are typically situated in the center of the City. Parcel B is smack dab in the center of the Core’s three main segments.
  • The area of parcel B is generally smaller, but comparable in size to other notable plazas and open squares including (I used Google Earth’s measurement tool):
    • Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
    • St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy
    • Plaza Maria Pita, A Coruna, Spain
    • Troickaia Square, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Of the nine proposed uses listed in the beginning of this post, at least three of them could be incorporated in to the plans for an open square (1, 2, and 6).
  • Having art installations or sculptures would coincide perfectly with the Art in Public spaces initiative promoted at the County and municipal level
  • Its rather inexpensive to construct and incorporate into the Baywalk

I understand that MAM’s plan in Museum Park includes a sculpture garden and maybe having both would be overkill, but a plaza or open square on Parcel B presents many other uses. Below are some images of the temporary sculpture exhibitions at the Plaza Maria Pita in La Coruna, Spain. Just imagine a similar square, dotted with art and people, with a backdrop of glistening blue water, towers, museums, and the AAA–all connected to the Baywalk. Not a bad thought.



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19 responses to “Pondering Parcel B

  1. Good find! I never noticed this parcel of land.

    It looks like they are going to build some kind of marina or boat dock in that open water way directly north of the American Airlines Arena and east of Marina Blue. They have cleaned it up and there are wooden posts stacked up that look to be the building blocks of a dock.

    Could these be related?

  2. BoB

    Parcel B has become controversial because few agree as to what to do with it.

    I don’t think it’s related Alex. I don’t know the details of the current work, but I do know that the Museum Park plan calls for that area to be partially filled in.

    • currently I have a tower on a one acre tract co owned with my exwife. of since the tower tract is ahcatted to 12 acres that I own, I am wondering about the interest level of a second servive provider on the adjacent property. The location is south of middlebury In. Verizon is the current service,with sba being the renter. thanks,jeff

  3. Jordan

    I like the idea of the open plaza/square although I’m not so sure how popular it would be if the view of it is blocked from the outside. People won’t say “let’s go to the plaza/square” just out of the blue if there’s nothing there to do or see. And they need to know what there is to “do” rather than what is there at all – an open space that is hidden behind the big chunky arena!

    Of the options, if we are limited to them, I would vote for the farmer’s market / seafood market. It would be nice to have an actual pier-like environment that isn’t so geared to “shopping” like Bayside. We should have a foodie destination – think of the famous seafood markets in San Francisco or Seattle. Miami stands to gain to have one on its oceanfront. It would be an attraction in itself, for all people, not just foodies.

  4. BoB

    The Biscayne Boulevard vantage point is blocked by the Arena, but once the Baywalk and Museum Park are open, then the plaza would gain notoriety. It would only be hidden from view if the Baywalk were empty and the surrounding establishments lightly frequented. Many of the nicest plazas I saw in my recent trip overseas were somewhat hidden from view and then kind of jump out at you when you walk into them. This one would be one of those pedestrian discoveries for those walking along the Baywalk or from Biscayne Blvd. towards the Bay, as well as those visiting any of the popular establishments surrounding it. Naturally, we are not limited to the options listed, and I posted this to open a discourse of ideas such as yours. Great feedback.

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  5. I agree with Jordan. I think an open plaza should be the center of something bigger. Parcel B is not suited for that.

    Any retail that goes up there will be marketed towards tourists disembarking from the Port of Miami (no matter how hard you try). So nix that idea.

    It’s an awkward location not sure what can go there. I think the safest would be an extension of either of the two museums that are going up. I like the idea of a Wildlife Center but not sure how feasible (and if the Science museum is ready for that… they did have one when I used to go yeeeeaaarrrs ago 20+).

  6. BoB

    Well, I have to concede the nix. I’m trying to think outside the box here. Its so difficult to come to a good idea due to, as you say, its awkward position. The wildlife center is not a bad idea, but Parrot Jungle had trouble getting their animals to adjust to the loud surroundings and I’m not exactly enthusiastic about that idea either. If there is one then I think it should be connected to the Science Center or at the very least on Museum Park property. The current Science Center has one and it’s an abomination.

    Still, hate to beat the dead horse, but the City could use a nice plaza.

  7. Daniel Perez

    In that parcel i think there should be something with nice lights to it looks nice from south beach and the 395. but the AAA is on the back, so it is really hard. Leaving space for people to relax and enjoy a nice view of the water is the best idea, maybe with a monument or a fountain or something like that. there should be benches to relax and view the water.

    But what i really like the most is the blue line corridor, any idea for when will that be done? it would be amazing to have that place to go with a bicicle or running. I hope that will be soon…..

  8. John

    I like the idea of the farmers/seafood market, it would be unique to have a more tropical alternative to the aforementioned seafood markets in cities further north. A market would draw tourists, locals and seasonal residents of all walks of life, and emphasize the water (the one thing that makes Parcel B so special).
    Although I appreciate your thinking outside the box, but a plaza would fit awkwardly, and from what I’ve seen in Europe, plazas are in a geographical center (surrounded by development) not pushed up against undeveloped natural features like the bay and a bulky building with little street level life like the AAA). What about some grass and shade trees? Maybe some benches and chess tables? domino tables? picnic tables?

    • Anh

      wow, that turned out great!! love the faibrc you chose. I was really tempted by some of the wall paper in their sale. had all sorts of projects schemed up, but then monday came and i went back to work : (jx

      • Of course I am, im a big hoieks fan. Great game that showed Miami still has work to do, they barely beat FSU and they beat an overrated GT team big deal. VT was on their game and it paid off.

  9. Options 1, 2, 3, 6 and ‘a place for art,’ heck- even a ‘plaza’ are all on the other side of 5th street at Bayside and Bayfront Park. People don’t frequent those areas now so why would ANOTHER option be any different. Incidentally, isn’t the Freedom Tower a museum? Stick the ‘Bay of Pigs’ stuff there.

    With all the new buildings on Biscayne, across from the proposed area, YES it would be nice to have something people can enjoy- especially something that KIDS can enjoy. It would be cool to see some options for families as the area is oretty barren. Short of the pay-to-ride Carousel/bouncehouse/train at Bayside, there is nothing for kids in downtown Miami.

    I like the farmer’s/seafood market option though. I remember as a kid going to the marina on Key Biscayne to see what the charter boats’ catches. + I can add that people have asked at miamibeach411.com site about where they can go to get daily fresh catches.
    Oh, and if the Baywalk Path allows bikes, I’ll be there every weekend. Well, me + my 4 year old.

  10. a

    A soccer (FUTBOL) field!

    It would get 500% more use than any other option listed above.

  11. I agree with the Plaza/Park idea. Some green would be amazing in an up and coming city. It will be a great place for everyone to come and relax from all the urban chaos, as well as a good place for kids and families.
    It’s also a great place to showcase art and culture (one good example of art incorporation is Chicago). It will go perfect with the upcoming museums.

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