Social Networking Site for Miami’s Urbanites allows members to share ideas, gossip, images, and videos regarding anything related to living in urban Miami. Although brand new, the site has managed to gain members from 16 of Downtown’s newest condos. Check it out. If your building isn’t registered, be the first to sign up. It’s free and connects you to the emerging urban social sphere.



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6 responses to “Social Networking Site for Miami’s Urbanites

  1. Armando

    The site is lame… its just a Ning network and is visual diarrhea

  2. BoB

    It’s in its development stages. Give it time.

  3. It’s only about 2 weeks old and already gaining momentum. The look and feel will be improved over time and new features will be added regularly. Suggestions are always welcome!

  4. ning is a powerful system. If left as is… then it is lame… but wait till the owner startst adding custom functionality. Also regardless about the tool, this blog for example is just another word press blog with a generic template, but its the content that makes it king.

    armando is just a playa hater… haha.

  5. FrenchyMiami

    I kinda of love and hate this project..I love the fact that we need something like that downtown but i hate the fact that it is a visual diarrhea (i like the expression)

    There is a little of everything in it but it lacks its own soul…Anyway it would be good to have sthg gooing on down there even if it looks like columbus circle/broadway/hong kong times square…

  6. UncleCarl

    the MiamiUrbanLife project is a great concept that will evolve as it continues to grow. I mean look at MySpace, it has grown to become the largest online community and it is well beyond ‘visual diarrhea’. Its so bad that my Mac browsers crash upon viewing 75% of profiles because of all the user plugin on pages.

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