Big Plans for Parkwest

Image: Rendering of the envisioned Parkwest

I have spent a considerable amount of time evaluating Parkwest’s prospects. Its location in the heart of the CBD, proximity to the proposed Museum Park, new ultra-luxurious condos, among other things, makes the neighborhood an important piece of Miami’s urban puzzle. Boca Raton builder Art Falcone, the latest billionaire in the Miami development mix, has, according to the latest Herald article (via-addictedtospace; skyscrapercity), quietly acquired 20 parcels in Kodsi and Boymelgreen-dominated Parkwest.

“the project has been the subject of intense planning and design for more than a year. Elements include offices and shops, hotels and meeting spaces, residences and entertainment and an educational component.”

The project’s plans are expected to coincide with the master plan being drawn up by Zyscovich’s firm. The project’s first phase plans are expected to be submitted to the city in the first quarter of next year.

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14 responses to “Big Plans for Parkwest

  1. This is BIG! Any renderings?

  2. BoB

    Click on the skyscrapercity link to get additional renderings.

  3. Kevin

    This project would be amazing for Downtown Miami. I really hope it passes and gets built as soon as possible. It will create a perfect transition from Uptown to Park West to the CBD and finally to Brickell.

    • Hi, Kirstie’s dad here. We have been talking to Kirstie all day to ensrue they are ok. She and Michael have now decided to stay in their house as the water has subsided from its high at their top step. Barring further heavy rain they should remain dry but cut off from outside their valley property. A food drop by chopper will be organised if they get desparate. I’m sure they appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

  4. BoB

    This would constitute another mega project–along the lines of Omni’s redevelopment, the proposed Citi-Square, and Midtown Miami.

  5. Armando

    Someone has to say it…

    Incorporate the Marlin’s stadium into this plan! Bring Falcone in to the picture as a partner in the stadium development!

  6. James Wilkins

    I look forward to all kinds of progress for Miami, bur have people forgotten so quickly the way Midtown Miami seems to have been abandoned as a- 1/4 of the way finished- similar development?

  7. Steve

    With these big multiphase projects you can expect things to take time. I don;t think its fair to say that Midtown has been abandoned.

  8. BoB

    In comparison to the other mega-projects, Midtown has seen quite a bit of activity, although as James mentions, much of it has been sidetracked. The Omni and Citi-Square projects remain mostly idle. I welcome these mega-projects but agree with Steve in that they, as one might expect, take a lot of time to pan out.

  9. FrenchyMiami

    check this out on midtown miami getting a 82/100 as a walk score

    you can see all the venues opening around…it s actually quite cool

  10. truthteller

    Not only is ART FALCONE not a billionaire- he is actually stone cold broke.
    once his secret plan to put a CASINO at the Miami World Center fails he will lose the property which is in arrears with his lenders now

  11. This project regereração urban is very good. Will enhance this part of town with the reform of the avenue.

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  13. That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

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