One Year Later

I started this blog about one year ago. At the time, I knew little about blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere. I didn’t anticipate many readers. For me, the blog represented a sort of project or personal experiment where I could use it as a virtual notebook–the purpose of which was to track and analyze Miami’s urban evolution. I had long since recognized the historic nature of the construction boom and was compelled to document its long and short term effects.

The sense of discovery, understanding, and increased knowledge motivated me. Since then, I have covered everything from Miami’s architects to its developers, emerging neighborhoods to established neighborhoods. I have addressed, among many other topics:

I have written, researched, edited, pinpointed and plotted projects, drawn diagrams, developed charts and graphs, labeled development activity, carefully analyzed and photographed neighborhoods–building by building and street by street–and trekked on construction tours. All in good fun and in an effort to better understand the evolution of urbanism in this great city.

Somewhere along the way the blog gained readers. Since its inception one year ago, this blog has had a little over 200,000 views. Not bad for what was intended to be a personal virtual notebook on Miami’s emerging urbanism. It has been read internationally, translated into at least 7 languages, appeared on local newspapers and magazines, is read by important real estate professionals and genuine urbanism/skyscraper enthusiasts. Compared to other more established local blogs, this may not be much, but for me it has been a delight.

Image: Cover of this month’s Miami Monthly magazine. Not a direct reference to BoB.

One year later, it strikes me as ironic that a local magazine published, as its cover, a phrase that I thought best suited the identity of this blog: Boom or Bust. It reminds me that I chose the right name for the right purpose. This site will be seeing quite a few changes over the next year as I modify and improve the content and approach I’m currently taking. Despite the level of coverage provided thus far, BoB has barely scratched the surface. That is to say there is much to be said, analyzed, and uncovered.

On this modest one year bday, I want to thank all the fellow bloggers who have supported this site from the onset including but not limited to Transit Miami, Critical Miami, Stuck on the Palmetto, MiamiBeach411, Miami Vision Blogarama, and so many others that have been kind enough to plug BoB on their great sites. And most importantly, I want to thank the loyal readers and commentators who have contributed with incredible insight to the coverage already provided. With that said, after a refreshing October vacation, I look forward to year II of providing ongoing coverage of Miami’s urban transformation.



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27 responses to “One Year Later

  1. Congratulations…

    We look forward to reading Boom or Bust for many years to come…

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    200k views is a noteworthy figure, but given the excellent reporting that goes on at this site matched with the historic times Miami is experiencing, I would anticipate many, many more visitors to come.

    Keep on rockin’.

  3. BoB

    Thanks for the support and words of encouragement Gus!

  4. Congratulations!!! Your site is highly informative and well researched.

  5. BoB

    Thanks! Mango and Lime rocks!

  6. Congratulations! Your blog rocks!

  7. Happy birthday! So many blogs are started with an axe to grind, I have thoroughly enjoyed this one, created to explore, explain, and notate.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Congratulations – keep up the good work!

    (And thank you for changing the comment system!)

  9. Way to go, man. Always interesting stuff and always well written. Keep it going!


  10. Would it be Happy Anniversary or Happy birthday? You bring such a great perspective to Miami’s growth Xavier and I always look forward to reading your articles.
    Keep them coming!

  11. Kevin

    Great job with the blog, can’t wait for all the new articles!

  12. Daniel Perez


    and cheers for a great 2008 for the city of Miami.

    It will be a very interesting year, and really looking foward to read many articles on this Blog, by far the best one!

    many thanks !!!!!!

  13. Jerome Lazar

    Welcome back from your hiatus, I read your blog often and have recommended it to many, though this is my first comment, please do keep up the fine work, your blog has been so informative over the past year and I expect it will only get better.

    • Good morning BrendanI am wikrong as a Supporting Actor with one payslip away from joining Equity. I am starting at the bottom but as soon as I get the card’ I will be looking for small parts to start with. I know with SA its what is asked for but what annoys me is that after joining the Agency, how when I go on an assignment, people have not joined or signed a contract and paid to have photo’s done and yet they get constant work and I have done this thinking I would not get work. Not only is it unfair, but puts me in a position where I feel if I complain, I will be putting myself in a bad position which is why I have not. I have read your book which is great and I noticed that I have already do the some of things you talk about naturally. Thank you for that xx I am not yet an Actor and have only gained the B-Tec National with 16 Distinctions, 8 Merits and one pass. I have not been in a position to take up the work until now some time after my B-tec. I joined a local theatre and was totally ingnored as they are a click’ even after reading for every play, wikrong as a lighting tech, painting sceans etc. I gave it my best and currently looking for another theatre to join. (Brush myself off and start again)! I live outside of London but was about to join an Agency there as well as where I live, but at this time, its the cost. The reason for this is how to get work on other projects like Downtown Abby etc. I know I have probably answered my own questions but it is good to talk. With kindest regardsThe old fossil

    • Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

  14. Verticus

    You scare me. Where do you find the time to blog, study, and drink? How was Octoberfest? You and your blog are so worthy. Your neighborhood pictorials backed up with data are a stand out. Keep it up.

  15. BoB

    Alex, looking forward to checking out the latest (or is it first?) urban Miami social network.
    CL, thanks for the excellent feedback. You’ve got some seriously well composed and often disquieting material at Man or Maniac
    Chris, Off the Radar Miami’s got some fresh music perspective and tracks. keep it up.
    Tere, the comment system. My bad. That’s part of the whole ‘not knowing much about blogging’ problem i had for some time. Thanx for the support and first referral to SoTP.
    Rick, Thanks for the comment and for helping to pave the way for up and coming bloggers on the superlative Stuck on the Palmetto.
    Ines, thanks for your support and valuable real estate contributions on Miamism
    Kevin, thanks to the future architect.
    Daniel, i appreciate your readership and thanks for the steady support.
    Jerome, thanks for the compliment and your readership.
    Vert, you forgot work. i write drunk while at work and then study at night. I’m a crammer. maybe that’s a problem. Thanx for the comp and constant freshness at MVB.

  16. Alain

    Congratulations on the Great Job!

  17. James Wilkins


    Congratulations man! Well done. Among other things your blog is responsible for my moving to MIAMI yesterday. Welcome Home.

  18. FrenchyMiami

    Indeed, you re the man..In depth articles that covers most of the ground. They are always relevant and bring out both side of the story..Keep it up and kudos to you

  19. BoB

    Thanks for the feedback Alain
    Alex, good deal. Thanks for the spot plug. It looks good.
    J, welcome back to the MIA and thanx for the generous comp
    Frenchy, your contributions are extremely valuable and thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate your involvement.

  20. Lissette

    Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog.

  21. Hey! I know I haven’t been very active commenting, but I just wanted to send you huge congratulations on an amazing blog. May you blog on for many more years.

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