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One Year Later

I started this blog about one year ago. At the time, I knew little about blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere. I didn’t anticipate many readers. For me, the blog represented a sort of project or personal experiment where I could use it as a virtual notebook–the purpose of which was to track and analyze Miami’s urban evolution. I had long since recognized the historic nature of the construction boom and was compelled to document its long and short term effects.

The sense of discovery, understanding, and increased knowledge motivated me. Since then, I have covered everything from Miami’s architects to its developers, emerging neighborhoods to established neighborhoods. I have addressed, among many other topics:

I have written, researched, edited, pinpointed and plotted projects, drawn diagrams, developed charts and graphs, labeled development activity, carefully analyzed and photographed neighborhoods–building by building and street by street–and trekked on construction tours. All in good fun and in an effort to better understand the evolution of urbanism in this great city.

Somewhere along the way the blog gained readers. Since its inception one year ago, this blog has had a little over 200,000 views. Not bad for what was intended to be a personal virtual notebook on Miami’s emerging urbanism. It has been read internationally, translated into at least 7 languages, appeared on local newspapers and magazines, is read by important real estate professionals and genuine urbanism/skyscraper enthusiasts. Compared to other more established local blogs, this may not be much, but for me it has been a delight.

Image: Cover of this month’s Miami Monthly magazine. Not a direct reference to BoB.

One year later, it strikes me as ironic that a local magazine published, as its cover, a phrase that I thought best suited the identity of this blog: Boom or Bust. It reminds me that I chose the right name for the right purpose. This site will be seeing quite a few changes over the next year as I modify and improve the content and approach I’m currently taking. Despite the level of coverage provided thus far, BoB has barely scratched the surface. That is to say there is much to be said, analyzed, and uncovered.

On this modest one year bday, I want to thank all the fellow bloggers who have supported this site from the onset including but not limited to Transit Miami, Critical Miami, Stuck on the Palmetto, MiamiBeach411, Miami Vision Blogarama, and so many others that have been kind enough to plug BoB on their great sites. And most importantly, I want to thank the loyal readers and commentators who have contributed with incredible insight to the coverage already provided. With that said, after a refreshing October vacation, I look forward to year II of providing ongoing coverage of Miami’s urban transformation.


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