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Bogus Ammenities at Casablanca Villas?

Image: Casablanca Villas

Casablanca Villas is a new mid-rise development on Indian Creek and 63rd street on Miami Beach. It doesn’t have beach front access but claims to offer its buyers exclusive access to the ocean and rights to other ocean front amenities via a neighboring building. Take a look:

The above description was taken from this site.

Condoideas.com further elaborates on Casablanca Villas’ supposed amenities:

“The development is located just across the street from the Casablanca Hotel, including beach access, use of an ocean side pool, restaurant, and bar facilities, as well as a business center and gift shop”

Image: Casablanca Condominium on the Beach

This might seem normal except for the fact that the “Casablanca Hotel”across the street is actually a condominium with a rental program. Quite simply,  guaranteeing the use of the common areas and amenities of a neighboring building is extremely difficult because it infringes on the rights of the owners in the neighboring building. Although possible, doing so would require the Association’s ratification and approval of the owners unless specifically provided for in the Association condo docs, which might be the case, but is doubtful.


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