3rd Quarter 07′ Construction Tour: Miami Beach

Let’s take a tour through Miami Beach to take a look at the third quarter status of recently topped off buildings, ongoing construction, and recently started foundation work:

APOGEE (topped off)


VICEROY (no activity)


CONTINUUM II (topped off)


SOUTH OF FIFTH (construction)


RITZ PLAZA (renovation)


PARC PLACE (Construction)


RESIDENCES AT THE W (Construction)


PARADISO (renovation)


RIVAGE (no activity)




CIPRIANI (no activity)


OCEAN 3651 (no activity)


CARIBBEAN (topped off)




EDEN ROC (construction)




MEI (topped off)


TERRA LOFTS (construction)


63 NOBE (construction)




AZUL LOFTS (no activity)


NOBE BAY (construction)


REGATTA (recently completed)


CANYON RANCH (construction)


1111 LINCOLN (no activity)


CAPRI (construction)


MONDRIAN (renovation)


VITRI (incomplete)


SHOPS AT FIFTH AND ALTON (ground cleared for construction)


BEACH HOUSE (no activity)


CABANA ON COLLINS (renovation)

For more construction tours click on the links below:

Post Script: Do you think this report missed something? If so, Contact BoB. Your input is appreciated.



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18 responses to “3rd Quarter 07′ Construction Tour: Miami Beach

  1. charck

    Do you know what’s going on with Vitri?

    Terra Lofts is a pretty good use of an awkward piece of land, but I don’t know how I’d like to live between what feels like two highways.

    Continuum II is my favorite to look at (and I certainly wouldn’t mind living there). I don’t see a lot of points at the tops of buildings and I like that. It almost seems Gothic. Everything is so curvy nowadays and it’s getting boring.

    And from all the marketing material that I’ve seen from Viceroy South Beach (residences) it looks like it will be a very nice smaller-scale project…if it ever gets built.

  2. There have been reports that Boymelgreen is entertaining a switch of use away from residential. There’s no good news that I’ve read or heard that can compensate for the abandoned site though.

    Terra Lofts is impressively designed. Was there a choice? If the developer didn’t have a novel concept to manifest, then no one would have bought into that noise trap.

    Continuum II is a flagship development that would enhance any skyline. The spire is cool, but you should see the lower level loft and beach house components. It’s well executed from pedestal to crown.

    Regarding Viceroy, It’ll get built just because Jorge Perez rarely scraps his plans and he has a track record of success in SoFi. Not to mention the project has a branded hotel component which circumvents the condo glut.

  3. anon

    Safe to say that Cipriani is dead?

  4. I don’t think so. There’s no activity yet, but Ugo Colombo’s not likely to scrap this one. I bet it’s going to get done.

  5. FrenchyMiami

    Fed cut rates surprisingly by .50 will this help attract much more buyers in Miami will it be followed by more cuts

    Some funds did feel it coming buying desperate offers from sellers…

    it s a good move……people will get back in with lower rates for 2 3 years..construction will start again..

    inflation will pick up again to support those prices through higher rates;;;
    my 2 cents…he did save the day on that one though…no bust for now

  6. James Wilkins

    I’m getting nervous about 1111Lincoln Road. It HAS to get done! I would say the same for Lincoln East…but you don’t even mention that one??

    • Ihave 10 years expeirence spuirviseng and manageing scaffolding on large construction projects.I was recently made reduntant having completed 18 years service with the Laing ORourke group of companys

  7. art

    Awesome photos. Miami Beach is truly unique. Pls include updates on Bel Aire on the Bay, and Regatta II, next time.

  8. The rate cut is good news, although there are many who feel we’re in the midst of a bust regardless. I share the positive outlook Frenchy.

    Art, I got a bit lazy with Bel Aire and Regatta II. Frankly, there were quite a few smaller scale developments that I didn’t include because they had no activity and were questionable or I had covered them in a prior neighborhood report. I’ll do better in the 4th quarter.

    J, regarding 1111 Lincoln, given its immensely favorable location, I wouldn’t worry. I’d like to see them finally close off the west end of Lincoln Road already damn it.

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  9. James Wilkins


    I gotta say it is not a matter of doing better. This is the most comprehensive coverage I can find anywhere. Thanks as always. I can report additionally that Privata is well on it’s way and Baylights is topped off.

    Do you know anything about Lincoln East. It was to have been a real departure for architectural daring in South FL. While I am psyched about all that is getting done. I am hoping of all hopes we get a few…dozen world class/break the mold designs.

  10. Thanks J. I haven’t heard much on Lincoln East. I’m gonna look into it though. I like Privata’s layout although I’m not too impressed with Baylights. Wet lot lofts are taking off, but I’m noticing that some of the dry lot lofts are having difficulty (i.e.: Vitri, Twelfth on West).

    Of all the Lofts on Miami Beach right now, I like Terra Beachouse Villas the best, although the location is questionable. Oppenheim’s Cube got some publicity today on CNN Money, which may indicate that the project is a go. It’s on the other side of the Bay, but I’m sure that’s what you mean by groundbreaking.

  11. art

    The Miami Sunpost answered my question regarding the Regatta II. It said, ” the demolition of the 1950s Queen Elizabeth Apartment Hotel at 6644 Indian Creek Drive in North Beach has begun and, Regatta 2, the waterfront boutique condominium planned in its place, is now in the contract phase, according to G&D Developers and The Weintraub Companies. Its façade will be incorporated into the 115-unit building, which will meld ultra-contemporary design with MiMo architectural elements. The new Regatta, one of few Miami Beach buildings with its own marina, should be completed in March 2010.”

  12. I like the idea of amalgamating historic architectural styles with new ones. Thanks for the update art!

  13. Harvey Yampolsky

    Do you know how construction is progressing at Artecity? You included the W project and Parc Place, but no picture or news of Artecity. Thanks.

  14. AJ Reddy

    Just stumbled on this blog and simply love it. Everything I ever wanted to ask but did’nt know who to ask!
    Can you include address of the projects along with the name and photo? That would be a great help to look it up the projects on the map.

  15. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Documenting construction perorgss for purchasers is a great marketing tactic, but it is an even better risk management tactic. The homeowners may not care as much about window flashings, but your insurance carrier, legal representative and forensic experts will love those pictures!Brian L. Hill recently posted..

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