Biscayne Blvd. Planned Resurfacing & Uptown’s Retailization

Image: Section of Biscayne Boulevard in the Upper East Side undergoing an extensive reconstruction.

Biscayne Boulevard is undergoing extensive work along the CBD, but the area north of the I-395 up to 36th street, represents a separate phase of Biscayne Boulevard’s enhancement, and is currently unaffected by the Boulevard’s improvement initiative. According to DDA records, the work in the Uptown section of Biscayne Boulevard is expected to begin sometime this year with completion slated for 2008. An area that is currently affected by resurfacing work is Biscayne Boulevard north of 55th Street where stores with US-1 frontage are facing bulldozers, barricades, and crawling auto traffic. There’s little doubt as to the negative effect that the resurfacing initiative is having on those businesses. As a retailer, you don’t want a construction site situated on your front door step. As a consumer, you don’t want to have to traverse through construction traffic, dust clouds, and fragmented roads unless you have to.

Image: Same section of Biscayne Boulevard as the image above.

The resurfacing is necessary and highly beneficial, but there will be a price to pay for street level retailers. The effect will be severely felt in Uptown where newly built mixed-use developments are adding much needed retail space along the Boulevard. Already, these fledgling retailers are itching for nearby towers to become fully occupied, but when the resurfacing begins, so will their real woes. Many may not be able to wait out the temporary (assuming there won’t be major delays) negative effects the resurfacing may have on their operations. Others who may be interested in opening up shop might opt to wait till after the resurfacing takes place. The retailization of Uptown, along Biscayne Boulevard, is beginning to take shape, and is crucial to the urbanization of the area, but the resurfacing will present it with a major challenge. It’s critical that the work commence ASAP and proceed as efficiently as possible. Otherwise, there will be considerable consequences to be had.



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3 responses to “Biscayne Blvd. Planned Resurfacing & Uptown’s Retailization

  1. Xavier – what surprises me with all this road construction is the lact of efficiency. If we know for a fact that road construction of this magnitude will affect all of those businesses as well as building owners, why can’t these be done faster?
    Instead of breaking half of Miami’s streets at the same time, how about working on shorter spans and finishing!

  2. BoB

    I don’t know why they don’t do it in shorter spans or intervals. Sounds logical, but who knows how costs play into it. My concern is that the City claims work will initiate this year. Fall is approaching and nothing has started. Already ground level retail space is beginning to fill along Biscayne. Retail brokers are going to find it more difficult to lure in tenants with such a major project pending. The initial retailers are going to suffer the brunt of any potential inefficiency and many of them aren’t willing to be the sacrificial lambs.

  3. Bob Flanders

    In life there are no shortcuts, so no pain, no gain.

    FDOT’s Biscayne Boulevard Improvement Project (in Miami from NE 36th to NE 87th) has been in the design, planning and execution stages for longer than a decade.

    In 1998, the Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Planning Organization named the Upper Eastside Miami Council, Inc. (UEMC) as the “design partner” of FDOT for this road improvement project. This was a “first” in FDOT’s history that a not-for-profit community improvement organization was named as their design partner. As such, UEMC conducted many public townhall meetings over the last 10 years that informed area homeowners and business owners of the pending project, both for their information and their input.

    When the planting of the landscaping improvements is complete in late 2008, UEMC will host a joint “ribbon-cutting” with FDOT and the City of Miami.

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