Another Downtown Logo

A BoB reader from NYC, Joe, has submitted what he thinks should be the Downtown logo:

As a Gothamist living the hectic Big Apple lifestyle, he sees his second home in Brickell Village’s the Plaza as an outlet for relaxation, hence the upside down “A”, which represents a drink. Joe even included the skyline gap for realism. I’m not sure the DDA’ll dig the whole alcohol undertone, but I do. Cheers and thanks for submitting Joe!



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5 responses to “Another Downtown Logo

  1. I agree that Joe’s logo’s pretty cool. Not that it means much, but he gets my thumbs up too.

  2. BoB

    I think the upside down “A” could use a straw for maximum effect.

  3. an

    Looks more like a condo bust logo than ‘relaxation’

  4. BoB

    Perspective is relative to what’s on one’s mind

  5. She is great and I love the fact that she doesn’t want to stand out but just dress up. It makes me feel that she dresses for heeslrf rather than others, which is fantastic.

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