MiMo District Adaptive Reuse: Uva 69

Uva 69 is a quaint euro-style cafe located on Biscayne Boulevard and 69th street. The popular cafe’s interior is modern and gives little sense of the origin of the building it resides in, which is a Mediterranean style structure built in the 1920’s. Although the building is not MiMo per say, it is located in the Upper East Side’s MiMo District and is a fine example of adaptive reuse. The building’s main (lower) space is where the restaurant is situated.

The construction on Biscayne Boulevard and unsightliness of its surrounding is covered by a banner ad and blinds surrounding the dining area. Once inside, the cafe’s decor and ambiance captures the attention–not what’s outside. In addition to the restaurant below, there is office and gallery space upstairs. The unassuming old structure has been excellently adapted to suit rather than hinder the evolution of the Upper East Side. Importantly, it serves as an example of use-innovation in area now designated to preserve and adapt the use of MiMo-era motels.

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2 responses to “MiMo District Adaptive Reuse: Uva 69

  1. Mark

    I love this place. Great sandwiches at reasonable prices. To note, the banner ads are only there to block the dust and debris from the ongoing construction. They’ll be removed again once it’s all done.

  2. BoB

    I agree. Great place to eat. The Milano panini is my menu pick. Thanks for the update Mark.

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