Add One More Downtown Logo to the Mix

While Stuck on the Palmetto, Critical Miami, and the rest of us consider the Downtown logo proposals being put forth by the Marketing and Communications committee over at the DDA, a new logo has arrived into the mix from an unexpected source. It’s designed by contributor Suzy Newhouse’s 4 year-old child:

Image: a four year old’s vision for the Downtown logo

While Suzy’s child was drawing water, the word “Miami” seemed to appear. With the logo in mind, Suzy and her four year old teamed up to finish the job. As you can see, the logo incorporates some semblance of a skyline while the DDA logo front runner has nothing to do with Downtown–even the spelling is purposefully off! I sense that the 4 year old’s vision is more relevant to Downtown than the DDA’s front runner logo. Suzy, you must be proud.

Image: The DDA’s front runner logo



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8 responses to “Add One More Downtown Logo to the Mix

  1. daniel perez

    wow. GREAT JOB!.

    please, what can we do so they dont choose the worst logo possible. What are they thinking??

    your comparison with the 4 year old is great.

    i hope they resolve the mistake before choosing that logo.

    is there any way we can let them know this comments directly to them? are they reading your posting?

    please, lets do something! the logo should be modern, atractive, and represent the future of a wolrd class city that miami is becomming.

    thanks again!

  2. Thanks Daniel. Not sure if they’re aware of this or the other posts, but I’m sure that most of the logos in consideration aren’t catching my eye. I agree with your criteria for the design of the logo, but unfortunately, the criteria is not met on just about every level for each one. Most of all, I think the design should be relevant to the location, composition, function, and evolution of Downtown.

  3. I just realized that the DDA’s choice is in reality based on a sign with all the letters there, but the letter O has burned out.

    S I’m wr ng, it is t pical to D wnt wn.

    BTW, love Suzy’s kid’s artwork.

  4. CL, the letter “O” is not compatible with Miami it seems.

  5. Oh my, thank you X Z-B. I wish I had seen this earlier. Sadly, we lost the “O.”

  6. My vote goes to suzy’s kid. Great job!
    DDA’s design seems to follows today text message language used by teenagers. They skip all the vowels

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