Sunday Soccer in the City


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4 responses to “Sunday Soccer in the City

  1. James Wilkins

    I wish that …since the pedestal is kind of mandatory and the the cutout for pool deck is a naturally good choice that the hole or separation would be exploited in the design, not just exist in the design. Seems like Marquis does this to greatest effect. The cutout in 900 doesn’t relate to the building with maximum design benefit.

  2. Interesting observation James. The incorporation of the rec deck on the pedestal is a delicate matter, which if not properly executed, can compromise the building’s aesthetics. The cut out in 900 doesn’t seemed properly proportioned.

    • As an older person, may I say: Be Dapper Today. Start now – you don’t just wake up some mornnig after 60 and find you suddenly have it together. A good look takes time.

  3. Kelly & Morgan are quite the team to produce these ubebilivanle photos & yoga poses. Kel and Morgan you both have so very much TALENT!!!!!! I think each & every photo has its own glorious beauty. I also think some of them are worthy of 1st place in a photo contest, and they should be entered. Kelly you look stunning, peaceful, happy & in outstanding shape, and Morgan was able to capture ALL of these things!! Thank you both for making me sooo very PROUD! I love you both. PS I actually had a few tears when I looked at these photos!

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