Historic Trail Theater to be Demolished in Place of Bank

Image: The Trail Theater (Google Streetview)

The Trail Theater (located on 37th Ave. and 8th St.), built in 1930, was one of the first theaters in Miami to show films with Spanish subtitles during the sixties on through the eighties. For the Spanish-speaking community, the Trail Theater was an entertainment outlet for years–being the venue for several Cuban comedy reviews and live acts. Although the theater has been closed for some time now (due to code violations), there are many that, because of the fond memories of the place, view the Trail Theater with a healthy does of nostalgia. The news of its imminent demolition closes yet another chapter of our unique local history. The theater will be replaced by a Commerce Bank.

Unrelated but read worthy:

Related Group; Corporate Thugs Still Up to Dirty Tricks [Man or Maniac?]



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6 responses to “Historic Trail Theater to be Demolished in Place of Bank

  1. Thanks for the plug!

    It’s a shame about the Trail. The code problems could have been addressed. But the location is so bad, in terms of parking and sidewalk access, that it’s become unsalvageable. Its fate was really sealed when the city widened the streets and hacked away virtually all the sidewalk in front of it. Theaters need room in front for crowds, and the sidewalk is so damned narrow that it’s frightening to stand under what’s left of the marquee.

  2. CL, that article on the Related Group’s “corporate thuggery” was a great read although I don’t agree 100% with everything stated.

    Good point on the hindrance of the narrowing of the sidewalks. The Trail’s loss is going to be felt by an entire segment of the community not because they can no longer attend shows, but because a cherished part of their past is being torn down.

  3. I’m sorry I missed this article Xavier. We manage the shopping center directly west of the Trail Theater and can tell you that the Theater has been using the neighbor’s parking lot for years. The parking situation is a major problem because the city also removed 8th street metered parking.
    I do agree about the history being lost…..and for a bank….how ironic is that!

  4. country squire

    Correction, the Trail Theatre opened in 1948 not 1930. “Green Grass of Wyoming” was the first film shown there. I grew up in Coral Gables and know this. Too bad about the Trail being demolished. It had really interesting decor inside and lots of character, but apparently it was never profitable. This loss leaves the Miracle the only Coral Gables former movie house in existence: the Coral , the Gables, and the Riviera are also no more. Sad.

  5. LQCC

    Can you tell me a bit more about the Trail’s history??? I believe originally the center was built in the 20’s with the theatre space being added in the 40’s…

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