FDOT-Owned Land Across Carnival Center Cleared

Image: FDOT-owned parcel being cleared (PAC is seen in right corner of image)

Weeks ago I noticed the demolition of an abandoned building across from (south of) the Carnival Center. Then I started getting questions emailed to me regarding this same issue. The building sat on FDOT owned land (1200 Biscayne – former site of Opus 2)–directly in the path of the proposed route for the I-395. Much has been said about the FDOT plans for the repositioning of the I-395, yet as of late, there has been no word regarding the project progressing.

Image: Empty lot next to the demolition site. This parcel belongs to the Carnival Center.

Could the building’s demolition be new room for temporary parking? Could it be the inevitable removal of an eyesore? Or, could it be that the FDOT is closer to actually starting the repositioning initiative? Whatever the case may be, the Opus 1 and 2 towers plans were halted due to the FDOT’s plans, and now there is activity along the project line. Some activity is better than none at all. We’ll keep a close eye on this.


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10 responses to “FDOT-Owned Land Across Carnival Center Cleared

  1. Thank God that they demolished that building. It was such an eyesore and now you can clearly see the Biscayne Wall in all it’s glory when looking South from the Carnival Center.

    • First of all, newcomers shloud respect local history. I didn’t move to the lowcountry of South Carolina and try and change the local pronouciations of certain words. I simply learned to say them the way the locals do. It’s called manners.And I don’t know Mike, how does Atlanta have a downtown and midtown, but no uptown? Why does Chicago not have a downtown, but instead has a “Loop”? Why does Philadelphia have a “Center City” but no downtown or uptown?For the record, my grandmother took the bus UPtown from her house in Plaza-Midwood. My great aunt rode the streetcar from Elizabeth UPtown. It’s logic y’all. Tryon Street sits on a ridge between two creeks. You go UP to get there. Period. And for those of you who won’t say “y’all”, that’s fine. Just please don’t butcher our language with “yous” or “yuns” or “guys”.

  2. I’m glad too. I wonder what the space use will be. I suppose parking while the FDOT plans take time to unravel.

    • Many thanks for this alcrtie. I might also like to express that it can be hard when you’re in school and starting out to initiate a long credit ranking. There are many learners who are just simply trying to survive and have a protracted or positive credit history can be a difficult point to have.

      • Ahh! Love the look and your selections for less are wonudrfel! You truly are the DIY queen. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Congrats on your baby bump! xx

      • Art, there is no need to apologize. I clduon’t agree more with you about the goal-oriented work our talented teachers are accomplishing every day in classrooms across the district. I have more years of experience observing these accomplishments than any other candidate on the ballot. Our own children had the distinct pleasure of being educated by these teachers, and they still talk about many of them in high regard. I have worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of teachers while serving on Mount Si’s Learning Improvement Team and the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation over most of the last 8 years. I have observed teachers and administrators make presentations to the school board in the over 6 plus years of attending almost every school board meeting, which is more meetings than any other candidate on the ballot. You are right, a person running for school board needs this experience to gain some understanding of the educational system.In no way was I asserting that teachers who are not AP teachers don’t work as hard or aren’t as dedicated. I don’t believe that. My point in this blog post is the same one that I have been making for years. Although we have individual classroom and school goals, our district could be even better if we could pull all of this amazing work together to ensure we are accomplishing district goals. Other districts set measurable district goals. For example, Issaquah’s goals include decreasing the percentage of students that drop out and increasing the percentage of students who meet four year college admission requirements. Let’s join other districts and set our own goals and measure our results, district-wide. The school board should lead by working with the district’s educators and the community to develop our goals and priorities to ensure that all of the amazing work that all of our teachers are doing every day in the classrooms is aligned toward similar key indicators of district success.Carolyn Simpson

  3. Please keep us informed. Specially if there are any hearings about this. Alternative 5 needs to happen for the future development of the entire area.

  4. Miami Joe

    This site IS the expansion of the I-395. The Tunnel Project is slated to start in the next 90-120 days. Get ready for traffic.

    • This is my first time i stop by here. I found countless eienrtannitg stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only just one having all of the leisure here! retain up the good work.

  5. – The students serttad Aug 1st in our district! There are 3 to 5 projects/items that are required each 9 weeks…depending on the grade level & 9 weeks. So..now that we’re in week 6..yes, we’ve finished with the required elements. Crazy, eh?!

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