Construction Update: Shops at Fifth & Alton

Image: Active construction site for the Shops at 5th and Alton

The Shops at 5th and Alton, which will include 185,000 sq. ft. of vertical retail space and a 943 space parking garage at the 5th street entrance to South Beach, has begun to see activity on its site. U.S. Century Bank is financing development for the Berkowitz Development Group and Potamkin family. The Shops at 5th and Alton will serve as a development anchor for the West Avenue Corridor and SoFi, and further fill-in retail activity along 5th Street.

This project is also significant for shifting economic activity towards the west side of South Beach as well as integrating a novel vertical-retail approach that has worked quite well at Dadeland Station. Publix has signed a letter of intent for space in the new facility.


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11 responses to “Construction Update: Shops at Fifth & Alton

  1. James Wilkins

    Ive said this many times, but, I feel that this project and Vitri are crucial to solidify Miami Beach as the most desirable destination in the country. The delay of Vitri is very unfortunate. I feel very strongly about the power of perception, everyone entering South beach seeing empty lots has an unconcious negative experience.

  2. That’s true. I’ve been observing Vitri carefully and really haven’t seen any progress as of late. What really irks me is that similarly scaled and conceptualized loft developments have gone up with little problem throughout the Beach, but Vitri, despite Shaya’s backing and a highly conspicuous location, has stalled. The only thing worse than an empty lot is one with a partially constructed foundation left abandoned.

  3. 12

    Vitri won’t be built.

    And it would be nice to see a Costco on the beach, but I dont see it happening.

  4. I hope you’re wrong about Vitiri but the signs aren’t encouraging.There’ll be a Wal Mar ton the Beach before there’s a Costco.

  5. James Wilkins

    How can you confirm that Vitri won’t be built?

    I have heard of it possibly becoming a hotel or offices.

  6. Haris

    Any update on Vitri?

    • Oh, man. The waves at Coast Guard are amazing. I was once on a shlutte there with a family toting an inflatable alligator. Clearly, they did not know what they were in for. Hope you guys had a great time in Ireland!!

  7. The foundation work remains frozen as, according to multiple media sources, Shaya and Lev iron out their business differences.

  8. Johnny Maldonado

    Anyone have an idea of the completion date for the Fith & Alton project?

  9. Lawyer

    Vitri has been canceled. No further plans for that site.

  10. Stephanie

    I have heard that a Target will be built at this location.. Has anyone heard this as well?

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