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Historic Trail Theater to be Demolished in Place of Bank

Image: The Trail Theater (Google Streetview)

The Trail Theater (located on 37th Ave. and 8th St.), built in 1930, was one of the first theaters in Miami to show films with Spanish subtitles during the sixties on through the eighties. For the Spanish-speaking community, the Trail Theater was an entertainment outlet for years–being the venue for several Cuban comedy reviews and live acts. Although the theater has been closed for some time now (due to code violations), there are many that, because of the fond memories of the place, view the Trail Theater with a healthy does of nostalgia. The news of its imminent demolition closes yet another chapter of our unique local history. The theater will be replaced by a Commerce Bank.

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FDOT-Owned Land Across Carnival Center Cleared

Image: FDOT-owned parcel being cleared (PAC is seen in right corner of image)

Weeks ago I noticed the demolition of an abandoned building across from (south of) the Carnival Center. Then I started getting questions emailed to me regarding this same issue. The building sat on FDOT owned land (1200 Biscayne – former site of Opus 2)–directly in the path of the proposed route for the I-395. Much has been said about the FDOT plans for the repositioning of the I-395, yet as of late, there has been no word regarding the project progressing.

Image: Empty lot next to the demolition site. This parcel belongs to the Carnival Center.

Could the building’s demolition be new room for temporary parking? Could it be the inevitable removal of an eyesore? Or, could it be that the FDOT is closer to actually starting the repositioning initiative? Whatever the case may be, the Opus 1 and 2 towers plans were halted due to the FDOT’s plans, and now there is activity along the project line. Some activity is better than none at all. We’ll keep a close eye on this.


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Construction Update: Shops at Fifth & Alton

Image: Active construction site for the Shops at 5th and Alton

The Shops at 5th and Alton, which will include 185,000 sq. ft. of vertical retail space and a 943 space parking garage at the 5th street entrance to South Beach, has begun to see activity on its site. U.S. Century Bank is financing development for the Berkowitz Development Group and Potamkin family. The Shops at 5th and Alton will serve as a development anchor for the West Avenue Corridor and SoFi, and further fill-in retail activity along 5th Street.

This project is also significant for shifting economic activity towards the west side of South Beach as well as integrating a novel vertical-retail approach that has worked quite well at Dadeland Station. Publix has signed a letter of intent for space in the new facility.


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