3rd Quarter 07′ Construction Tour: North Bay Village

Let’s take a tour through North Bay Village to take a look at the third quarter status of recently topped off buildings, ongoing construction, and recently started foundation work:

The Bridgewater (Completed)


Oasis on the Bay (no activity)


Aqua Vista (no activity)


Prisma on the Bay (no activity)


Cielo on the Bay (Construction)


Eloquence on the Bay (construction)


360 Condos (completed)


Space01 (completed)


Bay Treasure (no activity)


Lexi (completed)


Indigo Lofts (no activity)


The Adagio (no activity)


The Breeze Condo (completed)


Post Script: Do you think this report missed something? If so, Contact BoB. Your input is appreciated.



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4 responses to “3rd Quarter 07′ Construction Tour: North Bay Village

  1. Ricky

    Very Nice update indeed! I love the pictures. Keep up the good work!

  2. charck

    I second that. I love these construction tours. Thanks for all the time you put into these!

  3. How did Space01 turn out? I remember going to those infamous “condo launch” parties for it. The spaces looked nice but I remember thinking they were price ridiculously high.

  4. Thanks Ricky and Charck. Space01 looks pretty plain from the vantage point of that image, but the bay side is impressive with a glass facade. The steel stair well is pretty fresh too. I haven’t checked out the interior. As far as the prices go, I’m not sure where they are now. Maybe they’ve gone down a bit.

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