Technical Difficulties

WordPress is having some sort of server malfunction that is affecting many of its blogs–including mine!!!–and because of this I can’t leave comments on my own blog, am unable to edit posts, and in some cases can’t even post. As a result, posting will be light to non-existent until WordPress sorts this crap out. I’m just glad to know I’m not alone in the mess. Thanks for your patience. Check back later for regular postings.



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3 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. so sorry to hear that Xavier….hope you’re back soon!

  2. I’m back. It was driving me nuts Ines. I hate bugs!

  3. We currently live in wseretn Virginia. They did the same thing in North Carolina as well. Panic at the hint of snow, shut everything down, then play all cool later like We knew that was gonna happen Yeah right! haha I’m from Indiana. This had me laughing all day.

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