UM Bids Farewell to Orange Bowl

The University of Miami has decided to no longer play games at the Orange Bowl, which leaves the historic stadium’s future at risk. Whether this will play into the Marlins’ bid for a new ballpark is yet to be seen, but there is no doubt that this is the end of an era. The Hurricanes will play their games at Dolphins Stadium.



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11 responses to “UM Bids Farewell to Orange Bowl

  1. A sad day, but, one with a bit of an upside. I will miss the Orange Bowl, but I think I will also enjoy the soon-to-be-renamed Dolphins Stadium.

  2. And revamped too. Sad day, but I agree there’s always an upside. Let’s just hope that a Marlins ballpark decision can be reached soon.

  3. Kevin

    I can’t believe this, the Orange Bowl was a classic, part of Miami’s history, unbelievable! I really hope they don’t demolish it if the Marlins take their place in it.

  4. Not sure what’s gonna happen with the OB but I want the Marlins Dtown instead of the OB. I favor preservation/rehabilitation if the right plans are created. Otherwise, it’ll become another Miami Stadium, except on a grander scale.

  5. jps

    When I first read this, I was expecting a huge capacity difference between the Orange Bowl and Dolphin Stadium. Turns out they seat about the same amount of people. There goes my “Shalala is crazy if she thinks she’ll fill the extra space with a team that bad” argument.

    As for the Marlins, I think converting the Orange Bowl would be best for Miami for three reasons:
    – It would preserve the Orange Bowl
    – It would directly connect the stadium to the community most likely to give the team any patronage
    – It would keep ticket prices low enough so as to attract the above community.

    To wit: I went to a Washington Nationals game in RFK Stadium last Friday. I paid 9$ for the ticket and had enough to spend on 6$ crappy beer and even more expensive food. Next year they will have their own stadium, and I would have to spend easily double or triple that to get a seat. Two words: screw that.

    I can’t see the Marlins agreeing to it though. The “bigger/newer is always better, so give us several million dollars” mentality will probably win out.

    • no the city of Miami or the State of Flordia wont he;p them with the funding at this time the onlyn they will get a new one is the owner build with his own money or if the frcashine moves..which may happen if they dont get funding

  6. Armando

    This is the worst thing that can happen to both the Hurricanes. It is completely absurd that a college team plays its games like 30 miles from its campus. This destroys the whole college game atmosphere.

  7. jps,
    Regarding the three benefits or reasons for the MArlins at the OB, a Dtown ballpark would offer the last two reasons and afford more public transportation access while stimulating more vital sections of the City. The OB’s existence may just be the price to pay. I’m not opposed to the Marlins being at the OB, but I do favor the DT location. I know that there have been ideas thrown around one of which included a ballpark next to the OB. Not sure how practical that alternative is. Still, I, like you, see the Marlins wanting the expensive high-profile proposition. With Selig now endorsing a move out of town absent a stadium deal, look for them to drive a hard bargain.

    You’re right. It really is terrible for the student fans, but UM’s fan base is largely communal. So long as they’re winning, seats will get filled. If they hit a slump, Dolphins Stadium will amplify the fair-weather tendency of most UM fans by possibly deterring loyal student fans.

  8. I’m really shocked. I didn’t think UM would go through with the move. Shows what I know. But I guess what’s done is done.

    I’d love to see the money allocated to the OB renovation used to bridge the gap in order to get the Marlins a first class downtown stadium. They deserve it. After all, they won two World Series in their short history! Plus WE really deserve a downtown stadium. Its been a while since we had a major addition to Miami. And a first class downtown stadium would be a colossal addition for the Magic City itself on a national scale. Plus it would be great for the local residents.

    Now back to the Orange Bowl … I’d hate to see the stadium destroyed! At least, for now, time is on our side. There HAS TO be something we could use the stadium for! I’m sure of it! Hopefully if enough bright people put there heads together we can come up with a solution to keep the OB standing.

  9. JIKS

    First the Dolphins, 20 years ago, and now the Canes. A sad day indeed. But one that was coming ever since the bone-headed-vision-less Miami Commission refused to upgrade the Orange Bowl back in the 80’s and told Joe Robbie “you want a new stadium, you build it yourself.” Joe Robbie, a man of true convictions, as we know built it with his own money (unlike the Marlins) and took his Dolphins along with most of the OB activity to his new stadium, away from the City of Miami.

    Age and neglect made it impossible for the OB to compete with the more attractive new stadium a few miles to the north. And of course, time and again, the City of Miami failed to come through. Perhaps Joe Robbie’s lasting legacy will not be the creation of a great football franchise or building a new stadium, but planting the demise of one of our nation’s greatest football cathedrals. Joe is certainly having the last laugh… at the City of Miami’s expense.

    By the way, I do believe this will cost the Canes a game or two. Nothing compares to the Orange Bowl as a home.

  10. Kevin

    The Marlins should take the land west of Overtown/Arena Metrorail station which is perfect for public transit and to revilatize Park West and leave the OB for smaller events and high school football teams.

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