Biz Buzz: New to N.E. 2nd Avenue (Uptown)

Map of the area: N.E. 2nd Avenue is shown in green and Midtown Miami in blue

Economic Artery in the Making?

N.E. 2nd Avenue, which runs parallel to Biscayne Boulevard and the FEC Corridor in Uptown, has remained largely untouched by new development. This north-south thoroughfare is important because it links to the Performing Arts Center, Midtown Miami, the Design District, and is next to Edgewater and the Wynwood Arts District. Currently, the Avenue is mostly dotted with vacant lots and decrepit buildings for sale, which indicates a ripeness for transformation, but change, although small, is already turning N.E. 2nd Ave into something of an economic artery. Let’s take a quick gander:

Fantini Mosaico, founded in 1900 in Milan, Italy, is opening up shop on 2144 N.E. 2nd Avenue. The location is directly west of Paramount Bay and Biscayne Boulevard.

The Out of the Blue Cafe (2426 N.E. 2nd Avenue) opened its doors in February of this year. Already, the quaint restaurant has a dedicated following and has added to a growing buzz on N.E. 2nd Avenue.

Stoai Outdoor Concept Furniture opened its doors in March. It offers antique, outdoor, and patio furniture as well as different types of flooring.

the 18th Street Cafe (210 N.E. 18th Street) opened its doors a little over a month ago. According to the Daily Candy, this space was once a garage and is now a NY-style cafe.

Sidenote: the neighboring M Power Project Gym opened its doors a little over a year ago and is starting to see a pick in its membership according to the owner.

Pending Matters

There are numerous projects proposed in the area that have yet to see any activity, but greatly improve the area’s standing.

The most noteworthy commerce-oriented proposals are:

  • Bayview Market – large-scale destination retail complex (rumored to be luring Lowes and Wal Mart)
  • MAX tower: A mixed use media and art exchange concept that will incorporate Class A office space
  • 2222 Biscayne – Another Class A office building

If these are completed, then it will further cement the role of N.E. 2nd Avenue as a main economic artery for the entire area in the future, but as of right now, none have any on-site activity.


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4 responses to “Biz Buzz: New to N.E. 2nd Avenue (Uptown)

  1. I got really excited when I read above about the concept outdoor furniture store since I am in the market for something for my balcony, when I realized the “concept” equates to pricey. And not even a little bit pricey but 650 dollars for a glorified ottoman – I mean “pouf” pricey.

    I give it 6 months.

    There was a period that NE 2nd Ave had a ton of vintage stores. A little pricier than thrift but their items were handpicked and had some design quality. Too bad they could not last until this economic boom for the avenue took off. Where Fantini is going was a great one that I got some awesome chairs from.

    Oh and don’t forget the S&S Diner!

  2. 650.00?? That’s funny. I’m sure they’ll bring down the prices if they wanna stay open. That or anticipate a heck of a clearance sale.
    Right now there isn’t much in the way of competition, but we’ll see some more of these types of store popping up.

    Before the boom, there was little reason to set up shop in such an area, yet as you mention, people did. Now with the PAC, Midtown, etc etc, retailers are likely to push into the Avenue more aggressively then ever before. I think some are waiting on the pending items– I mentioned in the post–to pan out. Outside of Midtown Miami, there is no new major development built on N.E. 2nd Avenue.

    By the way, not sure if you know this, but S&S has been there for 70 years!! Crazy.

  3. marcos

    why only survey these places? why not the thrift and antique stores in wynwood, for example, which have some really cool stuff for a lot cheaper?

  4. salomon Mizrahi

    Out of the BLue Cafe the place I call home. I dont know who owns the place, but let them know it is awesome, Someone should think of filming a T.V. program there. Lots of Celebrities, interesting people and furthermore just a place like the CHEERS BAR!!!!

    Complements to whoever thought of making the place happen.


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