Scrapped: Brickell CitiCentre

The BCC site, which is bisected by South Miami Avenue, is up for sale. The land owner, Kevin Reilly, was supposedly affiliated with NY-based Millenium Partners–builders of the Four Seasons–, but the project gained little momentum. This would have been amazing to see come to fruition, but now it’s a pipe dream it seems.

Image: West lot (above)

Image: East lot (above)


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2 responses to “Scrapped: Brickell CitiCentre

  1. Kevin

    This would be a perfect time and location for the city to buy this property and convert into a urban park. There’s nothing on the property, just grass and trees, and last time I checked that’s exactly what a park calls for!

  2. It could go both ways. I like the idea of a city-within-a-city type development, but I agree that Brickell lacks a centralized urban park and could use one.

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