Construction Update: Capital at Brickell (Foundation Work)

One of Brickell’s most impressively designed projects is under going work on its foundation. Capital at Brickell, designed by Fullerton Diaz Architects, has an award winning design, will include retail, office, and residential space, and is situated across from One Broadway. It’s being developed by Cabi Developers.

Image: Foundation work on the site of Capital at Brickell


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24 responses to “Construction Update: Capital at Brickell (Foundation Work)

  1. Kevin

    I’m really glad Capital at Brickell is a go. It’s a great project, great design and great density for the western portion of Brickell. Brickell really is filling in nicely, it’s going to be so nice once it and 1450 Brickell and Brickell Financial Centre are finished.

    • Philip Valles

      Hello there. I came across this blog site and as an investor at Capital at Brickell, I am curious to know how you know the project is a go. I have made several attempts in contacting any and all individuals that are connected to this project with negative results. As of 8/09, the project has been in limbo for about 2yrs now. Can you assist or guide me the right person(s). Thank you!

    • jose

      I am in the same situation and I am worried about that.
      no answer at all

      • Philip Valles

        Hello Jose. When did you buy and what was the last communication you had with the developer or anyone, in regards to our project. What do you think where we stand? You can email me directly at Thanks

      • jose

        we have lost the money.
        cabi is in bankrrupty and I woud like to know if the buyers have any protection.
        I am leaving in spain and I do not know if we have to contract a lawyer to see the possibilities.

      • A thought to you who found “missed concnetions” Maybe you have guys ever wondered contacting eachother? I mean really the likelihood of the person you experienced a “missed connection” with aren’t travelling to read your post not to mention write you returning. Trust me… it didn’t bene internet dating websites fit me. So contact eachother and maybe you will have connection….. just a good thought that crossed my mind.

      • jose

        I took the 50% of the deposit. That is all.

  2. Brickell Village is definitely filling in more nicely than any other area in terms of new westward development. It’s kind of ironic that the Central Business District is lagging behind both Brickell Village and even Uptown in this respect. You’d expect the CBD to be at the forefront of urban infill, but it remains, particularly in the interior, an outpost for early twentieth century development.

  3. You know, maybe that is just the way it is going to be? Downtown is not going to be the city center that everyone expects it to be. Just as a pass through for other areas. Perhaps, Brickell is going to fill that void? Granted, Brickell completely lacks anything remotely cultural and recreational, and is only recently seeing a growth in retail b/c of one shopping center (that’s what Mary Brickell is…) that it still has a long way to go.

  4. I’m glad you pointed this out Chris. It brings me to a theory I have about the potential shift of the Central Business District to the north or south. Check it out here.

    This was written almost one year ago when I first started BoB, so some of the information may be outdated.

  5. Kevin

    I have a question that doesn’t pertain to Capital at Brickell but does “Southside Park” in Brickell really exist? When I google map it, I see that there’s some low-rise apartments and buildings on the land labeled as Southside Park. Was the land sold from the park or what?

  6. It’s on Kagoshima Way (1st Ave) more or less across (to the south west) from Mary Brickell Village. I’m not aware of the park having been sold. It’s surrounded by housing complexes.

  7. Kevin

    So it’s pretty small then because half of it is taken up by the basketball court. One other question, is Capital’s parking underground or no? I may be wrong, but I thought I remembered reading that somewhere or maybe it was another Brickell building?

  8. Not sure but I’ll look into it.

  9. NotABrickellFan

    I wouldn’t live in Brickell, but any development in Brickell is a good development because its exactly what the area needs. Hopefully life will flourish around the area


    Hello, I need to know what is the name of general contractors company is working in Capital at Brickell

  11. Silvio Pellas

    Hello, can you tell me how many floor the “north tower” is going to have?

  12. Avraham mazouz

    I also bought a unit in this building , can anyone tell me when is the completion date of this project ?
    In some site it said 2010 in others in 2112.
    I purchased a my unite on the South tower.
    Avi Mazouz
    Englewood Cliffs NJ.

    • Avraham mazouz

      hi again
      i meant 2010 or 2012 ?
      Avi Mazouz

    • jose

      I am afraid , you are right and the project is close to the 2112.
      we have lost the money

    • Posted on Yo, thanks for the shout-out! Part 3 is pbboarly coming sooner rather than later, detailing JLA #111 and bringing people back up on to speed on Libra (who DC has been pushing as a factor in FC recently). That’s his one and only appearance, and there’s a lot there to suggest connections with G-Mo’s themes.Again, glad to hear you liked it!

  13. Philip Valles

    Hello all. As per the posting on 9/7/09, Cabi Developers are in bankruptcy. Does anyone have more info on this? If this is true, I suggest that those investors that are in our same predicament, should file a class action lawsuit! Those interested should contact me directly at, not via this blog. I think that in numbers we have a larger voice in this disastrous venture. Good luck to all!


  14. Philip Valles

    Ok all, I have researched and determined that Cabi did file for Chap 11 for it’s Everglades on The Bay project. Does this also affect Capital at Brickell Project? Please advise anyone. Thanks

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