Out of the Darkness and into the Light!

Image: 50 Biscayne’s crown illuminated in neon at sunset (submitted by Alex G.)

The most iconic skylines in the world have brightly and often colorfully illuminated buildings. With Miami’s skyline now booming more than ever before, illuminated structures will play a huge role in defining the skyline in the imagination of observers.

The latest illumination contribution comes from 50 Biscayne. Its crown is neon, bright, colorful, and noticeable–taking advantage of its conspicuous location. The rest of Biscayne Boulevard’s towers are under construction and remain dark silhouettes at night. I suspect that there will be a serious illumination trend accompanying the completion of these structures, and if so, then it will be impacting.

Image: A drearily dark and under construction portion of the Miami skyline (Via-Flickr: Markus941)

Image: An illuminated Manhattan skyline dotted with bright and colorful crowns–notice the spectrum of color on the city-lit waters.



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3 responses to “Out of the Darkness and into the Light!

  1. Elvio

    what about the gap between everglades and marinablue? any development coming to the gap?

  2. Here are the plans for the gap:
    Empire World Towers (2 towers 1200ft. 106 stories)
    Oppenheim-designed MDC Wolfson building
    600 Biscayne (650ft. 62 stories)
    Paramount Park (756ft. 68 stories)

    The question remains: will they be built?

  3. 1,200 ft, 106 stories?? Damn! If they do build them, that would be SICK!

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