No Buzz: Lanai Surfside

Image: Rendering on fence banner–notice the lily-pad dotted moat surrounding the building

I stumbled upon this proposed 32-unit loft project on 92nd Street in Surfside called Lanai. It appears to be another high ceiling, glassy, loft project with an Asian flair–joining Mei, Chi, and Setai in the thematic undertone. Lanai, if built, would be surrounded by water–similar to Apogee. I didn’t see a website displayed on the fence banner, but I found it online. Their isn’t any buzz to be found on the web–until now that is. Still, looks good and it seems high quality lofts keep piling up in Surfside.



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4 responses to “No Buzz: Lanai Surfside

  1. James Wilkins

    Developer was trying to take advantage of the small building to the north of it by taking more rights than granted in the easement they have on the parking lot. They have an easement for four parking spaces and wanted to have all 64 parking spaces under their building and cars for the whole complex driving over the lot and entering a garage door at the edge of the older building’s parking lot. When the building tried to negotiate with the developer, she said no no no. And so now the developer may be re-thinking the whole deal. She got all that land for very little and the units start at 1.2 million dollars going up to about 5 million. Don’t think the sales went too well after the first 5 or ten units. They are all Ground to roof townhouse type units. Developer also built Revuelta building at 94th and Collins on the ocean, can’t remember the name Aquaazul maybe?

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive update James. $1.2 to 5 million, there? Unreasonable. An artificial moat is not the ocean. Other than the preposterously high prices, I suppose sales didn’t pick up because the marketing has been embarrassingly dormant. This project is a blackout on the net (I’m already #1 on Google with keywords Lanai + Suny Isles). Maybe they thought 32 units would sell with little problem. Still, I hope the developer reevaluates the current approach and executes. It’s a nice project.

  3. The project is at a total stand-still – In the new building across the street on the ocean(The waverly) – an oceanfront penthouse is not selling for $1 Million….if you ask me, I’d rather be on the ocean than with a fake moat.

  4. Surfrise

    Incompetence and deceit are at the root of the national financial crisis and at the root of the Surfside Florida financial crisis. Worst politicians in the country are roosting now in Surfside Florida. They sure can smile while they rip us off. After raising all taxes and fees higher than ever before they want to put the town of surfside into debt for generations to suit their political agenda and fuel a money machine. The vote will be on November 4. But they already hurt us by giving this as an october surpirse:

    Property taxes up 11% for 2009
    Sewer bills up 37% for 2009
    Water bills up 41% for 2009
    Garbage bills up 59% for 2009
    Stormwater bills up 114% for 2009

    Mayor Burkett, Vice Mayor Weinberg, Commissioner Imberman, Commissioner Levine, Commissioner Calderon, this is horrible what you are doing to Surfside. Debt, bond issues, deficits, higher taxes and fees, and you just can’t cover it up it is there for us all to see – and pay for.

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