3rd Quarter 2007 Construction Tour: Sunny Isles Area

Let’s take a tour through Sunny Isles to take a look at the third quarter status of recently topped off buildings, ongoing construction, and recently started foundation work:

St. Regis Bal Harbour (no activity)


One Bal Harbour (topped off)


Solis (foundation work)


Chi (no activity)


Trump Towers (Under Construction)


Sayan (Completed)


La Perla (Completed)


Paramount Beach (foundation work)


Jade Ocean (Under Construction)


Jade Beach (Topped Off)


Da Vinci (No activity)


Trump Grande (Only one phase left for completion)


Sole (Topped off)


Turnberry Ocean Colony (Topped off)


Ocean Four (Completed)


St. Tropez (Under Construction)


Acqualina (Completed last year–but had to include it)


Not pictured:

Le Meridien (completed)

Post Script: Do you think this report missed something? If so, Contact BoB. Your input is appreciated.



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7 responses to “3rd Quarter 2007 Construction Tour: Sunny Isles Area

  1. James Wilkins


    I got all excited with the tone of your writing. It was such a nice invitation. ‘Let’s take a tour.’ I don’t live there yet but will in 3 months. I hope we get the chance to meet after I arrive.

    Great to see the progress. I heard that Solis was held up by a lawsuit? Any info.

    What about 400 Sunny Isles, know if that will go forward or not, or what about the buildings in the future for the West side of Collins.

    As always thanks for keeping me up to date and satiated til I can get there. It’s great!


  2. That’s awesome James. It appears that you will be living the high life my friend. Solis has equipment on site and has begun foundation work. I’m not sure what the legal status is.

    400 Sunny Isles is not seeing activity yet. Have you heard about Park Place on the Ocean? Very nice project.

    In Sunny Isles, there isn’t much in the way of west side activity yet, with the exception of St. Tropez.

    The area is shaping up to be something else. Its not hard to see why you’re excited J.

    • Anh

      I’ve just finished up relncaipg the flooring in a mobile home rental of mine. It had this crap sawdust and glue subfloor garbage. Had a water leak. This stuff gets wet and loses all stength. Looks like you might have a high humidity level under there from something and the subfloor is absorbing the water and degrading. Replace that grey polyproplyen pipe while your at it. That? stuff is crap, too and is a known defective material. Good luck!

  3. James Wilkins

    When I said ‘live there’, I just meant South Florida. I’ll be living in Surfside, west side of Collins, for at least the first year, but I do believe that anywhere in the vicinity of Miami is living the high life.

    • Today is even more winterlike, wish we could make snwomen together! The material will be perfect after a while with sun.Heather, you are lucky who can see Kristen’s work in real life!Andrea, the blossom is under the snow, maybe it even protects them from the cold, like a blanket.

  4. I see. I really like Surfside. It has a nostalgic yet edgy feel to it. Paradoxical, but true.

    When you get into town, a roundtable discussion regarding all aspects of Miami’s urban development should be organized. I know a few people who’d probably be interested in participating and would be excellent contributors.

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