Futile Advertising?

Image: Aldo Shoes Advertisement facing Overtown

Those are some fancy high heels, but did the advertiser think about the placement of this ad. Let’s consider the target audience:

  • The homeless streaming out of and towards nearby Camillus House
  • Lost visitors/tourists
  • Locals speeding past green lights to avoid panhandlers
  • Ladies walking or driving to a nearby club at night

Not exactly a good place to target fashionable ladies during the day, but it strikes me as ironic. Parkwest, there is no doubt in my mind, within the next few years, will become synonymous with the fabulously wealthy, but for now, that ad only works at night. The future could be vastly different.



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5 responses to “Futile Advertising?

  1. Brad

    That thing must be visible from I-95 or 395, right? If not, that is definitely the worst ad placement ever.

    I don’t know about Parkwest making that sort of transformation in only afew years, but I do think it is amusing that the west views from multi-million dollar condos in Ten Museum Park will overlook all of the Overtowm ghetto. Seriously, where else in this country do you see such a paradoxical existence…luxury high-rise condos literally a few hundred yards from homeless “communes” along N. Miami Ave. I have never seen another city (in the US at least) where demographic opposites are so closely linked geographically.

  2. I’ve never seen that from the I-95 nor do I think it’s remotely visible.

    Brad, I see what you’re saying about the paradoxical situation at Parkwest, and I completely agree. The image of expensive high heels on a dilapidated structure is symbolic of the paradox.

    I also clearly see what problems confront the area: homelessness, lack of security, missing infrastructure, decrepit structures, a noisy and obstructive I-395, and zero retail activity.

    However, considering how well informed I know you are, I’m surprised that you would think that even in a few years Parkwest might not see a major positive change despite the demographic disparity, which is similar to what we have in Coconut Grove.

  3. Brad

    I do foresee a postive change for that area, but due to the scale and scope of delapidation/poverty, I just think it will take longer than what some people may anticipate. Sure, a few nightclubs have popped up in the past 6 years or so, and the condos are going up on the fringes along Biscayne Blvd, but I see little substantial difference in the area in 2007 than from what it was like in 2000. I guess once the expected residential wave moves in over the next few years we will know more and be able to forecast more accurately.

    I see what you’re saying about the Grove, but I think the Grove is distinct from Parkwest in that it is more “suburban” or at least not “inner city” like Parkwest, where the Grove’s crime/infrastructure/homelessness problems pale in comparison to Parkwest/Overtown. I do believe that what we’ll see in Parkwest will somewhat mirror what had taken place in the Grove over the past few years—redevelopment beginning on the fringes and moving its way inward. No one can dispute that the Grove has undergone significant changes in the last 7 years, for the better. its just that the Parkwest area is so much larger and its problems run deeper, thus a much longer redevelopment period.

    By the way, what is the boundary (imaginary or otherwise) between Parkwest and Overtown? To me, there really is no distinct line of separation…but maybe I’m wrong.

  4. I mention the Grove because of the obvious social gap. I also agree with you about the fringe-westward pattern of development parallel. For me, the comparison ends there. Regarding the boundary for Parkwest, the DDA represents it as:

    South of the I-395
    East of N.W. 1st avenue
    West of Bicentennial Park
    North of N.E. 7th street

    Parkwest, to me, is an effort to marginalize Overtown for development purposes, which makes me believe that its boundary will probably expand and further erode Overtown, which is currently W of N.W. 1st Ave past the I-95.

    I think a more appropriate comparison to Parkwest is SoFi. There are some unexpected comparisons to draw. No one knows how long it will take. No doubt, occupancy will take some time to settle and certainly clear the air, but four massive towers are being topped off consecutively. Others are waiting in line. It could happen sooner than one would expect, but the City government has to spearhead the effort.

    By the way, it dawned upon me that this advertisement has to be for ladies heading to and from the nearby clubs. Duh to self. Article updated.

  5. Mark

    Pointless as this ad seems, you can certainly look at it in a positive light: it says a lot when a semi-upscale brand like ALDO bothers to spend even a dime to put up an ad in this kind of area.

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