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  1. Brad

    Re: Briny Breezes

    I had no idea this transaction was still in the inspection period and was not scheduled to close until early 2009…based on the media reports over the past year you would think that the deal had already closed. I heard that some of those mobile home owners went ahead and started spending money like crazy under the assumption they would have a $1M payday….I guess they’re regretting that now. Seems premature to count on that payoff when you’re still 20 months from closing.

    But I still have a feeling that Ocean Land will renegotiate and try to make the purchase. They’ve invested a great deal of time and money thus far and the property itself is a gold mine.

  2. Me too. I thought these people made it. I was happy for them. Either I didn’t adequately read into the reports or they were flawed to begin with. Regardless, if the land is a “gold mine”, then if it doesn’t get snatched up by this firm, it’ll get acquired by the next. These people are well positioned, but the timing might not be right for the deal. Reluctance tends to predominate under existing market conditions.

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